Welcome on Techusiast.com!

First, please let me introduce myself. I am Roland Udvarlaki the creator of Techusiast website. I am a technology enthusiast whose dream is to change the way information is shared between readers and news websites.

Here on the website you will find news and reviews about technology related products and services. We are going to be providing our thoughts, our research and our own analysis on what we could expect to see in the near future.

So, what’s our target?

Well, our short term target is to catch more people’s attention and let them know that we exist. We can’t expand our services with only a few people, we have to work and build it up all up together.

Our long term target involves getting into providing news in a bigger way, meaning; We want to hire other professional journalists and technology content creators whose work would be shared on our website and on our social media to provide you; our readers the best possible experience, nerdiness and technology news that are up-to-date.

I would like to invite you to follow us on our social media on the following links below.

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