Chromecast has different versions now, available as: Chromecast Ultra for easier 4K, high quality HDR streaming, the normal Chromecast to stream and mirror all the things you may want and Chromecast Audio to stream audio to speakers.

Chromecast is an easy to set-up, plug-and-play accessory that can be useful for many. It let’s you have a smart TV without actually requiring much. Once it’s plugged in, it only takes a few seconds to set it up and you’re ready to go. With Chromecast, you can stream, play things on the big TV with the help of WiFi. Chromecast Ultra let’s you do the same but it’s capable to stream 4K and HDR content without a hiccup.

Chromecast Audio let’s you stream music to any speakers as long as they’re connected to the same WiFi. It could be quiet convenient when friends come over and want some background music downstairs or upstairs, maybe at the same time?

Can we expect a new Chromecast in 2017?

It is likely that we’re going to see new and improved versions of Chromecasts this year being capable to stream content in higher quality and by providing a smoother experience. Price wise, it should stay the same – cheap and a bargain for what it can do and offer for your everyday life.


Google has said that they are not going to release any of their own Google branded Pixel Chromebooks in the near future, but this doesn’t mean that their partners are going to stop too. Google seems to focus on making a great tablet/PC like experience by merging Android and their very own ChromeOS into one a great Windows competitor. This will surely take time for the company, but having a compatible Google Play Store already on many existing Chromebooks is already a big success, offering customers millions of applications and games to play with.


We all know that VR is the future and is going to play a big part in developments, entertainment and education – and it already does it very well.

Daydream and it’s compatible devices were announced last year and has been doing quiet well ever since. The VR apps have grown significantly on the Play Store and bigger titles have also included it in their services to support this new technology and to catch more people’s attention.

VR is heading in a good direction to be our partner when we would require its help. The thing that makes it really popular is that it is really easy to set-up and use it without much issues.

However, finding a fix to motion sickness isn’t as easy as it seems to be. True, Daydream has reduced it by a lot with it’s new sensors, displays and software, but the issue still remains.

Motion sickness puts people off making them to have breaks in-between watching movies, playing games and just by simply using them. We can expect to see a new Daydream and improved version of other VR headsets this year that will further reduce the motion sickness and improve the quality of sensors, resulting in more realistic controls and feelings while wearing the headset.


Google is doing a great job becoming a better day-to-day partner in our lives by providing things that we actually do need and may require. They are doing things that people want to see and hear, even if they might not always need it.

The competition is big, even Google is having a hard time trying to reach a large customer base that would increase its profits by a lot. But Google doesn’t seem to care to be honest, they are just doing things they think is a good idea and because they can. There are a number of competitors out there offering the same products, so why should people choose Google over the others? Well, Google is everywhere nowadays. Everyone uses it, everyone knows it and everyone thinks of it when needs it. Google is using their advantages to expand their services and their products and that’s certainly not a bad thing as long as they are doing it right – and it so far seems like they are.

What do you think about Google’s devices and services? Do you use them? If so why, if not why? Do you think Google will gain an even greater market share in the future with its products and services? Let us know in the comments section below!


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