Microsoft has just introduced a new version of Windows called 10 S. This version will directly go head to head to Google’s OS which dominates a large market in the US. Microsoft has also unveiled a new computer of their Surface lineup called simply “Microsoft Surface Laptop”.

The Surface Laptop will be pre-loaded with Microsoft’s new Windows 10 S and will have the following specifications and different varieties:

The screen is going to stay the same at 13.5″ including PixelSense display with touch and styles support. The display is a 3:2 screen with 2256x1504px resolution that results in ~201 Pixel Per Inch.

The keyboard is non-detachable and is backlit. The whole laptop will weight at 1.25kg and the dimensions are said to be very close to the “Surface”. The thickest point of the laptop is 14.5mm while the thinnest is 9.9mm.

The newly improved system and hardware should provide 14.5 hours of Netflix watch time before it needing to hook it up on a charger – sounds decent in our opinion.

The Laptop will only have one of the older USB 3.0 ports (No USB-C) and a Display Port.

The device is said to be available in Platinum, Cobalt Blue and Graphite Gold.

The Base model with an i5 processor , 4GB RAM should start at $999, while the largest option should go up to about $2200.

Windows 10 S

Windows 10 S will be much like Google’s Chrome OS. It will be a half cloud based operating system that will NOT support software that is going to be outside of the Microsoft Store. It will however come equipped with Microsoft Office 365 and other useful Educational/Business programs, hence the “S” suggests that it stands for “Students or School”.

The new operating system will be better optimised than Windows 10 Pro, meaning that it’s boot up and lockscreen time will take less.

Schools who purchase the Windows 10 S devices will be able to fully configure each and every device to only have and show the related content that would be the most useful for their purposes.

The new operating system is going to be available this summer for $189. Schools who already have the Windows Pro system and computers running will get the 10 S for free of charge.

What are your thoughts about the Windows 10 S and the Surface Laptop? Do you consider buying the Laptop? We want to hear you! Let us know in the comments below.

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