Haikara is a Finnish company that created a smartwatch that will suit you no matter where you are and what you are wearing – thanks to its fashion focused design. The smartwatch is already on Indiegogo and has achieved its goal in only just 2 days – that is more than $100,000.

The name “Haikara” refers to trendy, fashionable, stylish and modern in Japanese. Hence why the company picked this name for their first smartwatch. The CEO, Marcus Mangs has travelled across Japan and once a light bulb has lit up, an idea was born. He decided to create a company that will exude the Japanese exoticism mixed with high quality technology and make a really fashionable smartwatch that would suit people no matter their style – it’s for the fashion lovers.

If we have a look at the current smartwatches on the market, we can see that they are high quality, but may not always suit us the best. Some may look too sporty while others may look too elegant. There is no in-between, until now. Haikara aims to solve this issue by offering a high quality smartwatch that looks both sporty and elegant at the same time while featuring the latest and greatest technology inside the smartwatch.

Haikara wants to grab the attention from those customers who want a simple but a very stylish smartwatch.

Here’s a short video to explain even more:



The specifications for the smartwatch include a 400x400px AMOLED display. It’s notable to mention that only larger companies have used this so far, it’s great to see other smaller companies use this high quality display.

The watch’s diameter is 44mm which seems to be on par with other currently existing smartwatches and should be large enough to suit everyone’s needs.

Haikara is the world’s thinnest smartwatch, at least it aims to be less than 10mm thick that sounds impressive if we compare it to Samsung’s Gear S2 that is 11.4mm thick or Apple’s Watches which are 11.8 and 11.4mm.

The watch will also feature Bluetooth 4.2 LE, meaning that you will be able to pair it with pretty much any smartphones that is out there today.

According to the company, the battery should last you between 5 to 7 days on a single charge with average to moderate use – and this is coming from a rather small 200 mAh battery. This is certainly good news as you would not have to worry about putting it on a charger every single night, instead it could survive a busy week making you not consider putting it on a charger.

The watch also features IP68 water and dust resistance. This means that the watch can withstand from a light rain to a shower. Although the latter is not recommended as Water resistance is not to be mixed with water proofness.

The strap width is 22mm and is interchangeable. What this means is that it can be swapped to your own if you wish to do so, or you could pick up some of what the company is offering. They look stylish and unique, more on the later.


The watch is designed by the Award-winning Finnish designer Harri Koskinen who is famous for designing watches for Issey Miyake, Swarovski and Littala.

Haikara’s watch body is made out of stainless steel offering a lightweight but a very durable design that should withstand the busy weekdays without any trouble. Wear and tear should not be an issue with normal use.

The watch will not feature any buttons or any crowns on the sides as it aims to reduce the distractions that we get on the every day basis in our busy lifestyles. The watch promises to make your life distraction-free offering only the most important notifications that you wish to receive.

If you are some of those people who want to have fancy high quality crystals on your smartwatch, Haikara has got your back. They offer a special, Zirconia Crystal watch edition that will get you noticed with their shiny and premium looks.

There are also 3 strap designs available for you to choose from: Vintage Design, Embossed Leather and Perforated Smooth Leather. Each have 3-4 colour options available including: Brown, Red, White, Black and Pink (this is exclusive for the Embossed Leather only)

Here are some photos of the smartwatch that’s worth checking out.


The Haikara smartwatch doesn’t run Android meaning that the customiseability may be lacking, you may think. Haikara has teamed up with Korulab to develop their own Operating System that is more efficient than Android Wear. The OS itself only takes up an insane 512 kB of RAM which is 1/1000 compared to Android Wear. The operating system is in sleep 98% of the time while the clock is updated every second. The watch faces are supposedly running at a smooth 50 Frames per second. This leaves you with no worries regarding performance issues.

The watch will automatically get Over-The-Air updates so you will always be up to date and be running the latest available software.

These are the 20 stock watch faces that are going to be coming pre-installed on watch right out of the box.

To change any of these watch faces, you will simply be able to swipe the screen of the watch and you will be good to go. As we have mentioned above, the watch does not feature any crowns and buttons on the sides, so a single swipe solution sounds like a good idea in this scenario.

The watch will be able to vibrate to notify you about important alerts and incoming messages, calls.

Via the smartwatch, you can also silence or find your smartphone if you’re in a meeting or forgot where you have left your phone in the house, these could come in very handy in certain situations.

The Operating system of the smartwatch will be compatible with both Android and IOS users. Both platforms are going to be supported equally and will allow users to change watch faces, set important notifications and alerts and to have access to Haikara’s marketplace. The marketplace is going to be offering more watchfaces in the future, which is a welcome addition to the 20 pre-installed designs that can be found on the watch itself.


According to the company:

Haikara is a smartwatch for fashion lovers

And we can’t say anything other than that we absolutely agree with the company. They have created a very modern, stylish smartwatch that will offer (and at the same time take away) some great features to make your life easier. It might not allow you to control your music, take calls and check your notifications, but it wasn’t created for that. The target audience for the company is clearly the customers who want a simple but a very well-designed smartwatch that they can match with their style and the Haikara smartwatch completely succeeds the expectations in our opinion.

This is the reason why the company has managed to raise over $100,000 on Indiegogo in only just 48 hours.

The watch will ship for between €299-€499 that translates into ~$330-$550 or ~£260-£430 at the current rates.

If you wish to back the company and help them succeed their $150,000 (10 extra watch faces for every backer), $500,000 (1 free silicone strap for every backer in 3 colours), and $1,000,000 (1 free Nato strap for every backer in 8 colours) goals then please head over to the link below to see their offerings.

It is currently up on Indiegogo, so if you would like to purchase one for an even cheaper price, they still have some units available for discounted prices.

What are your thoughts about Haikara’s smartwatch? Are you a fashion lover, will you be purchasing one? Let us know in the comments below.