You have most probably read a lot about the new tech everyone seems to talk about nowadays. No? Fear no more, here at Techusiast we are keen to bring you the latest and the most interesting news. Qualcomm has finally announced that their new built-in to the screen fingerprint sensor will be available for all manufacturers as early as Q1 2018.

What is in-screen fingerprint technology, you may ask.

Well, in short – it’s a fingerprint sensor placed underneath the display that works the same way as the usual fingerprint sensor that we have got used to by now.

But in a more descriptive format, it’s a new technology that opens up a whole new world for manufacturers to work with. The reason for that is pretty simple. Because the fingerprint sensor required quite a bit of space, using the old technology, that space would not be diminished and would be built-in straight under the display unit that would allow you to touch the display and see the screen.

The new fingerprint sensor will allow touches and fingerprints to be recognised and used to unlock a device in a more secure and faster way than ever. (See image above to see how it works)

The currently existing fingerprint technology that are placed in smartphones, tablets and other gadgets can only scan through layers that are 400 µm thick. What this means is that the current technology isn’t able to scan through the display units to recognise the fingerprint and to read any sort of identity “tokens”. (you may argue that it’s not the right word, but it makes absolute sense if you think about it)

The new fingerprint technology will be able to scan through both IPS LCD and AMOLED (Also OLED) display panels as high as 1200 µm layers.

Glass and Metal panels are equal to 800 µm while the front facing panels on a device are 650 µm.

And here’s the time frame that Qualcomm has announced and published on their website.

Manufacturers should be receiving their Glass and Metal sensors this month and early next month (July) and should be able to equip their new shiny devices with this new technology as early as Q1 in 2018.

That’s not all, the new fingerprint scanner will also work with with fingertips. Have you ever had a moment when you just washed your hand and got a text message but you couldn’t unlock your phone? Yeah, we had that too, and that will be gone with this new technology.

Also, the design of the phones that come out in 2018 might change quite a bit thanks to the new sensor. Manufacturers will not have to separate a dedicated area for the fingerprint sensor anymore as they will be embedded, resulting in hopefully slimmer designs and more clean looks.

Qualcomm has partnered up with Vivo to bring out one of the first devices equipped with this new technology. We’ll let you know once we know a bit of more information but until then, what are your thoughts about this new technology? Let us know in the comments below!