Samsung has announced that they will be releasing the Note 7 yet again – this time it will be safe to use and should not “explode” – we’ve heard that before, but this time it should actually be safe. So how is it different, how is it more safe to use? Let’s take a look at the Galaxy Note 7 Fan Edition.

Well, it’s a re-released Note 7 with some modifications. It is absolutely the same device on the outside as the “Original” exploding one was but with some adjustments that were made to the battery size, hardware and of course the software.


Key changes made to the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 (FE) Fan edition:

  • Since we all know the issue with the original Note 7 was the battery, Samsung used the same 8-point battery safety test and reduced the battery size capacity from 3500 mAh to 3200 mAh for the Note 7 FE model.
  • The button that everyone seems to want to remap to their custom applications or Google Now – Bixby button has been added to the same place and location as it is on the Galaxy S8/Plus flagship devices. The functions are going to be the same and the way it’ll work is also going to work in the exact same way as it does on the S8/Plus devices.
  • The Note 7 FE comes with the same software and user experience, looks that can be found on the Galaxy S8/Plus flagship devices.
  • The S-Pen is also supported, Samsung did not forget about the stylus lovers and users. Anyone who purchases the Note 7 FE will be qualified to receive the S-Pen for free only if you buy it before 30 September 2017. (The new Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is said to be announced on 26 August at a large event in New York)

It’s also important to note that the Note 7 FE will only be available in Korea – for now. (It is likely to stay that way, so don’t get too excited) Samsung states in their announcement that they might consider selling the device overseas, so there’s a chance that we’ll see it in the US and perhaps in Europe too as well as in other parts of Asia.

Samsung also states that they plan and expect to sell 400,000 units in Korea and the total unit amount will be limited to this number.

The Note 7 Fan edition will be released on 7 July for 699,600 Won that’s about ~$611 US dollars or  ~£470 British Pounds.

What do you think about the Galaxy Note 7 FE? Would you buy it? Do you think it’s a good idea for Samsung to sell it before the Note 8 announcement? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

Source (in Korean)


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