Xiaomi is not well known for being one of the first manufacturers to release the latest version of Android to their devices. This time they proved that once again, unfortunately. *

(*This however doesn’t mean that their devices aren’t good by any means. I personally have tested 2 of their devices and the battery life and the optimisations were absolutely amazing and functioning properly, though a few key features due to the lack of Security patches and Android features and other optimisations were missing.)

Xiaomi has just released a list of devices they plan on upgrading on to Android 7.0 and Android 7.1.

Surprisingly, some of the latest devices are not even on the Android 7.1 list such as the Xiaomi Mi5 flagship device that was announced just last year. Many of Xiaomi’s devices are still on Android Marshmallow that certainly isn’t good for enthusiasts who are keen on having the latest version of Android at all times.

Xiaomi has been promising the Nougat update for months now and today is the “big” day for them to announce the list that many will most likely not appreciate.

The Android 7.0 update will include the:

  • Mi Max
  • Mi 5
  • Mi 5s
  • Mi 5s Plus
  • Mi 4c
  • Mi 4s
  • Mi Note
  • Mi Note 2
  • Mi Mix
  • Redmi Note 4x

Thee Android 7.1 update will include the:

  • Mi 6
  • Mi Max2
  • Mi 5c
  • Redmi 4x