Sony has announced just a couple of days ago that they will be present at the IFA tradeshow event that will take place in Berlin on 31 August 2017.

We have heard a number of leaks and information coming in our way and would like to share that with you.

Let’s start it off with some new phones. Apparently Sony will release 2 new devices at the IFA event.

This is confirmed by some leaked details from a Polish retailer “Komp Tech”.  The site shares two model numbers the G8341 and G8441. Last month there was another leak that confirmed that one of the new devices will be coming with at least a 1080p display having Android 8.0 O. on-board.

The price for the G8341 model is listed for PLN 3,206.99 that’s about ~€750, ~$860 or ~£660. This must be a high-end device for sure. The colours are also shown and they are listed as: black, blue, pink and silver.

The G8441 will ‘only’ cost PLN 2,749.99 that’s about ~€650, ~$740, ~£570. This could be a higher mid-ranger (or a high-end compact device) from Sony – at least that’s our best bet. The colour options are listed the same as for the G8341 model so it’s black, blue, pink and silver.

If we would have to guess, the G8341 could be the next generation of the XZ1 device (successor of the XZ and XZs) while the G8441 model could be the next generation of XZ1 Compact device. (successor of XZ Compact).

Both of these two devices are rumored to be packed with the latest Snapdragon 835 chipset coupled with 4GB of RAM and either 32-64GB of on-board storage with Micro SD expansion slot.


We have seen a few information regarding a full-screen device coming from Sony either this year (which in our opinion is unlikely) or next year (more likely).

Here we would like to bring you some renders and concepts to show you how these full-screen devices could look like if they were to pack their latest devices with massive but compact displays.

Concept source

We understand if you say that the device shown above is not believable, we agree – it looks too futuristic, but don’t forget that the in-screen fingerprint sensor is already in use in some demo units at Vivo’s office.

The next concept is very detailed and it looks absolutely amazing. (in our opinion at least) Check it out below.

Here are some quick images if you need to see them again.

The images and the whole concept that is shown above does not only look realistic, but also believable. We certainly hope that Sony will shrink its flagships’ bezels by quiet a bit this year, even though we think that the ‘big changes’ are only coming next year.

What are your thoughts about these concepts and the recently leaked information, news? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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