Ever wanted to share your homescreen setup in front of thousands of people?

We’re here and happy to help!

We have created a submission form where you can upload your very own and unique homescreen setups and layout to our website. We are constantly improving and having more visits than ever before, so you can show off your great layouts for a lot of people and perhaps help others customise their own homescreen designs to their likings as well as to give some inspiration for those who may not know how to do such things.

Our friends at ServeMeTech were kind enough to share one of their homescreens with you guys, check it out, upload yours.

We are planning on doing a giveaway in the future for those who will have the best setups on our website, this way we can give something back for great designs that are voted by the community. (more on this later)

The giveaway and its Terms will be done in a few weeks time, but until then – feel free to share your layouts!

Check out the already uploaded setups!

Click here to start sharing!