So far, we have seen leaks confirming 3 new devices from Sony in the past few months. Today, we have some actual images of what seems to be real test units that might see the light of the day very soon.

The rumored devices are the XZ1, XZ1 Compact and the X1. The XZ1 is of course expected to be the successor of the XZ that was released last year September.

The XZ1 will have the model number of G8341 supposedly. Benchmarks have also been made from it and it seemed pretty promising.

It isn’t clear from the photos which device is what, but if we had to guess, our best bet would be that the images only show the XZ1 and the X1.

What seems to be the X1

The image you see above is what we believe is showing the X1. Notice the minimal bezels (on the sides) on the front of the device.

It’s surprising, but if this really turns out to be the X1 mid-ranger, the phone will have an actual working (our thoughts only) fingerprint sensor that will be placed on the back of the device. This is surprising as Sony has never released a device that would have the sensor on the back instead of the side of the device.

Also, notice that the volume rockers have been placed up, in their more usual places where they can be found on other devices.

Likely the XZ1

The XZ1 is supposed to have the “same old large bezels” on the sides and on the top/bottom of the front. This, in our own opinion is disappointing. It’s sad to see Sony not following the trend of modern flagships, but who knows, they might be up to something and might surprise us in the very near future!

Also, both devices seem to be running Android 8.0 O. which is a sign that Sony has managed to get the final software from Google and make their new flagship and mid-rangers ready to be shipped with them.

The on-screen buttons for both devices will apparently get Google Pixel’s looks and most likely the Google Assistant’s animations too.

Sony will be present at this year’s IFA Berlin conference that will take place on 31 August. It is likely that the final preparations and testings are still undergoing, but we are likely to see those 3 new devices on Sony’s event.

As always, take this with a pinch of salt. We are preparing some interesting reviews, stay tuned for that!

What are your thoughts about the new leaks of the upcoming Sony devices? Let us know in the comments down below!