The Sony Xperia XZs was a minor upgrade over its predecessor, the XZ. This will certainly change for the XZ1 that is going to be released very soon.

The device is expected to have a 5.2″ FHD IPS display and feature a Snapdragon 835 chipset.

The square-ish design will certainly stay as well as the metal frame and water resistance. These are certainly one of the few things we can always expect from a Sony flagship device.

A new set of images leaked online showing off the new back panel.

As you can see, there is a large cut-out on the top, back of the device. It is expected to be the place for the flash – but it’s really hard to believe that the flash would require so much space, perhaps it’s for something else too?

It could also be the placement of extra sensors such as Laser AutoFocus and an IR sensor, but that didn’t even take up that much room for the current Xperia XZ Premium device that was released not that long ago.

The question remains unanswered, but for the time being, what we know is that the camera will feature a 19MP sensor that will be able to record in 4K.

The selfie camera is expected to be a 12MP shooter that will also be able to record in 4K. It is very likely that the XZ1 will also feature the 960fps slow motion feature that was released along with the XZs and the XZ Premium.

The 3 new devices: XZ1, XZ1 Compact and the X1 is likely going to be released at IFA Berlin. The devices are supposedly going to be on sale on 10 September for the price of $860/€720.

The 3 new devices are also rumored to launch with Android 8.0 O.

What are your thoughts about the new leaks and the cut outs? Share your thoughts in the comments down below!