Android is all about making it the way you like it. There are loads of customization tools to help you achieve that. Launchers are great apps to customize your home screen and the overall looks of your phone. Out of all of the launchers on the Play Store, Nova seems to be the king of customization.

One area what Nova lacks of is the theme store. Users have to build their own Nova Launcher themes with the help of other apps like Zooper Widgets. Sadly, Zooper Widget also one of the apps and customization tools that doesn’t come and offer a theme store for their users.

You can refer to this guide to learn more about about how to make Nova Launcher themes.

To overcome the lack of theme store availability, we have the Kustom Live Wallpaper Maker. You can create your own theme or search for presets available on the Play Store. Keep in mind that you will need the Pro version of this app to apply already made themes.

In this article, we will be listing down our Top 10 KLWP themes available on Play Store.
Note: Before applying a KLWP theme make sure your home screen pages matches the number of pages of the theme.

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Here are the 10 KLWP Themes to give your Android device a cool look

10. B/W KLWP Theme

If you are looking for a Black & White theme with great animations, this is a perfect theme for you. This is a 3 page theme with first page being the home page. At the top you get the day and date widget with social apps below it. You can change these apps in the settings of KLWP under social icon groups.

Below it, you get the battery widget with battery information and a graph showing charging and discharging. The bottom holds the app drawer and the three most used apps.

The second page contains weather information and a location widget. The third page is the music widget page.

The animation that you get by swiping between pages is enough to make you fall in love with this theme.


Download Link: PK Kustom LWP PACK (SKIN PK 02)


7. iOS 11 on Android

If you are someone who has recently switched from iOS to Android, and you are missing your iOS home screen/setup, this theme is certainly for you. This is a 2 page theme with one page for all the popular apps such as Dialer, Messages, Mail, etc. All the apps on home screen are set to launch Google equivalent apps. The second page contains widgets such as Google search bar at the top, a weather widget, Google Fit and a calendar widget at the bottom. Another good thing about this theme is that it can be applied on phones with on-screen navigation buttons.

You also get the iOS control panel with this theme which can be launched with a single tap above the bottom dock. To hide the control panel, tap the downward facing arrow at the top.

Download Link: iOS 11 KLWP


6. Colorful KLWP Theme

This is a theme with colorful icons and with a colorful background. A single page theme with a big calendar widget at the top. The bottom left of the widget contains the clock and the bottom right contains the battery information. Below that are the most used apps arranged in a stack. Tapping on the arrow next to them expands these apps. The middle of the screen is left blank. The bottom of the screen displays the weather, location and a music player. Tapping on them expands the controls and they switch to full screen.

Download Link: PK Kustom LWP PACK (SKIN PK 05)

5. Fiver KLWP Theme

A 5 page theme which contains pages such as Home, Music, Stats, Calendar and Weather.

Tapping the clock on the homepage expands it with weather, calendar and battery information. You can place the apps of your choice at the blank space on the bottom left side. Swiping to the right will take you to the music player’s screen. The music page contains music controls as usual. Swiping again to the right takes you to the page where network and phone information are given.

The next page is the calendar page with a month-view calendar on top and upcoming events below it. The last page of this theme is the weather page with the current weather conditions at the top and a forecast of the next 4 days below it.

Download Link: ALT for Kustom (Fiver)


4. Gradles KLWP Theme

A simple 3 page theme which has different squares arranged at different angles to create a rounded design in the middle. The 3 pages in this theme are weather, home and an event page.

The weather page is to the left whereas the event page is on the right. The color of the rounded design changes when you move from one page to another. You can use a vibrant color icon pack like the ‘Almug’ which will go very well with this theme.

Download Link: Gradles for KLWP


3. TG Golden Gate KLWP Theme

A 2 page theme with a mix of yellow and white colors. The homepage has a clock, calendar and weather information at the top followed by the next alarm time below it.

The middle portion is left blank. Below it is the news feed from CNET news. There is a plus (+) besides it and tapping on it will open the settings and google search icons.

The bottom dock has apps usually found on the dock of google phones. The icons on the dock are white color lines. We recommend turning off your notification bar as you get a custom one with this theme. Swiping to the left takes you to the second page which is a combination of a music player, event and a location widget. The music player is at the top followed by event widget in between and the location widget at the bottom.

Download Link: TG Kollection For Kustom (TG Golden Gate KLWP)


2. TG Personal KLWP Theme

A 3 page setup with the homepage in between the weather and music player page. The homepage has a clock widget on the top right and a hamburger menu on the top left. Tap on the hamburger menu and a new screen opens up with social icons, an on/off toggle for WiFi, Data, alarm, battery, CPU, RAM and storage information.

Tapping on the arrow on the top left corner closes the screen. The homepage also has a phone, SMS and Gmail apps with missed notification count besides them. The bottom of the screen has a news feed widget from CNET and the app drawer below it. The page to the left of home is the weather page with weather information in full details.

The music player is on the right with all of the player controls. The wallpaper is a little blurred to make everything on the home screen stand out.

Download Link: TG Kollection For Kustom (TG Personal KLWP)


1. Hanging Strings KLWP Theme

This is the best KLWP theme you will find on the Play Store. This is a 3 page theme with media to the left and productivity to the right of home. All apps appear hanging to the strings which move when you move from one screen to the other.

hanging strings klwp

The media screen has apps such as YouTube, Google Photos, reddit etc. but you can change them from settings if you want. Below the apps, there is a music player widget with all the controls you would usually find in a music player.

marbles klwp

Swiping to the right from the media page will take you to the home screen. This page contains apps you usually see on the dock on most phones. You will find a big clock widget at the top, a calendar and weather widget at the bottom.

marble klwp theme productivity page

The last page of this theme is the productivity page with apps such as Clock, Maps, Drive, Docs etc. Below it is the Google search bar and a month calendar.

Download Link: Marbles for KLWP

I hope you liked the themes I have mentioned above. If you know any more KLWP themes, do let us know in the comment section below. Also, share this on social media.

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  1. Actually I liked only TG personal theme and strings theme. Other than that My current favourite klwp themes – Glint KLWP Theme, Elixir eliminate theme and AHD themes. Found on playstore.

  2. Great to see all the Collection for Android in one Portal. I liked the Marbles for KLWP Theme and it is attractive but more Powerful consuming i thing so

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