According to a new report from Counterpoint, Huawei has surpassed Apple in Global SmartPhone Sales ending them up on the second place on the global list.

Huawei has managed themselves the second place for June and July. As you can see on the chart below, Huawei seems to be going up strong with their sales.

The first spot unsurprisingly still belongs to Samsung but there are others on the list you may not expect.

As you can see, the market share for all of the 3 big players are looking strong and steadily growing.

Another report from Counterpoint has also revealed the most and best selling devices for the month of July.

The first 2 devices on the list are from Apple – namely the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus. Oppo’s R11 and A57 also make it up high on the list along with the Samsung Galaxy S8, Xiaomi Redmi Note 4X and the Samsung Galaxy S8+.

Even though Huawei has managed to climb to the second place, the company was unable to get their flagships onto the top 10 devices list.

“This is due to a multiple SKU portfolio that currently lacks a true hero device. While having a diverse portfolio allows Huawei to fight on multiple fronts, it does little to build overall brand recognition; something Huawei badly needs if it is continue to gain share.”