Sony’s future flagship will come with an all-new design confirmed by one of Sony’s Executive.

Sony Xperia flagship devices, midrangers and even low-end devices have all looked the same, for several years now – since 2013 to be precise. That’s a long time. Though, it’s true that Sony has made a lot of enhancements to the hardware and improved the overall design by a lot, that doesn’t mean that it’s not boring and unimpressive.

In 2017, the trend is bezel-less display with minimal top/bottom bezels and nearly no side bezels. Sony has not delivered that yet. Though their midrangers have a very tiny side bezels, they still have a huge chin on the top and on the bottom. You could argue that it’s for the front facing stereo speakers, but we certainly believe that it is possible to make it at least half the size while packing all of the goodies inside the devices.

The same design also didn’t help much Sony to increase its sales, what helped is the new strategy and the focus on reliability and fast software updates – which is what power users very much prefer.

Credit to Saber Kchikech (YouTube)

According to Managing Director of Sony India – Kenichiro Hibi has stated this:

New , future Sony devices: you can expect a completely new design from the devices

What this perhaps means is that Sony will finally re-design their Xperia lineup and have the new trendy but still Sony uniqueness.

Hibi also mentioned that Sony is doubling down on high end and midrange devices. That’s why we have seen a higher-end midranger – the Xperia XA1 Plus. According to him, even the XZ1 is not a true flagship, that honor would rather go to the XZ Premium. Weird strategy, but it seems to work out very well.

We personally are happy to see Sony get back into the smartphone game.

Here is a concept that we thought you might be interested in seeing.

What are your thoughts about the statement made by the Sony Director? Are you looking forward to see the new changes? Let us know your thoughts in the comments down below.