Today we are very pleased to finally announce the new version of our Techusiast website – we have a brand new design and a lot of new features to help you find the content you are looking for.

First and foremost, we have grids – big grids – to help you see the stories, that matter the most, first. We believe that this plays an essential, and a very critical part on our website. On the grids, you will see featured stories, articles as well as news. This will work similarly on our mobile website where you can swipe easily through the grids and its blocks.

As you have most probably noticed, we have also changed our looks – we now use our 2 main colours throughout the entire website.

On the homepage and on other pages, you will now find a ‘Show more’ button. What this does is self explanatory. Once pressed, it will show you more stories and articles. This is to keep the website clean and fast loading. We also have other loading methods that will change depending on the purpose we believe would suit certain parts of the website the best.

Other than the loading buttons, we now also have different buttons to let you sort articles by different orders – orders that matter the most for you. If you want to see the most popular, featured stories, it will now only be a click away.

As you can see on the third image down below, our wallpapers page has also got a fresh and modern look – searching for stock wallpapers is faster and easier than ever.

And one more notable thing we find important to share with you.

The navigation menu on the top as well as the search bar is now interactive and can display results instantly. Simply hover over certain parts of the menu, and a new menu will show up, showing you newstories in a glimpse.

We hope you like the new changes and would like to thank you for your continuous support to make all of this happen.

We have created a 7 minute feedback survey where we gather information about the usability of the website and a few other things. If you have a few minutes, we would greatly appreciate if you could fill it out. It would help us a lot to continue providing great and enhanced experience throughout the entire website.

Feedback Survey