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Today, we would like to share a book that offers information about how to grow your audience, analyse data and also to help you market your product, services.

Note that this is not a paid advertisement, we have received a copy of the book and been asked if we could and would share our honest opinions about it – that’s exactly what we are doing in this article.

First thing first, the book doesn’t assume your level of skills, so even if you are new to marketing or maybe know one-or-more things, it will definitely teach you a few new skills that will come in handy to market your product or services.

The book shares tactics and strategies on how to grow your media presence on social media pages such as: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and more.

It will also teach you how to analyse your data using Google Analytics, help you pay attention at data that you must always be aware of and must be tracking in order to generate sales, improve the quality of your content and engage with your customers/users.

Reading and understanding is made very simple as the book explains all of the keywords and other phrases that you may not know just yet – words and phrases that are widely used in the industry that are a must known terminologies.

If you believe that this book is for you, it’s listed on Amazon for $5.04 or £3.80, it’s definitely a bargain!

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