According to many of the rumours, there is a new iPhone SE on the horizon.

There are still a lot of Apple fans out there wanting to upgrade to a new SE device that is by the way – about to turn 2 years old. Well, good news! New rumours and reliable sources indicate that Apple is working on the successor of the iPhone SE.

The iPhone SE 2 (lets just call it that for now) is expected to be released in Q1 in 2018. It’s expected to have either the same 4″ display or a slightly larger one at 4.2″. You may be surprised, but it is not expected to have the iPhone X’s A11 Bionic chip, instead it will likely have the iPhone 7’s A10 chipset. That’s still an improvement over the A9 chip that was in the original SE, but not a giant leap.

The SE lineup is the cheapest iPhone from Apple, so don’t expect to see any new innovations and features here – you will likely get the same ‘old’ (as in iPhone 7 old, age) components inside.

We can only just hope that it will have either a new or an improved device over the iPhone 5’s body. It will likely not have FaceID but only the same home button with TouchID.

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