Huawei has recently announced their new technology that reminds us of the now well-known iPhone X’s unique features and hardware components.

Huawei has made its own light 3D sensor that is capable of what currently only FaceID can do. It can unlock your device just by scanning your face, no matter if its day or night. It works by lighting up 300,000 points on your face for 10 seconds and saving it onto the system. In real life use, it should unlock a device in 0.4 seconds. (Most fingerprint readers currently take about 0.2 seconds)

The new Face Scanning option will also likely be used to secure other parts of the device’s software and make online transactions.

And then there are animojis. We are still not sure how popular these will get over time, but Huawei wants to be one of the first companies to implement it after Apple.

Huawei’s system works similarly to Apple’s, but it’s more re-fined as it understands more details such as your tongue.

There are currently no details about the release of these features, but we certainly would not be surprised to see these in the next generation of P11 flagship device from Huawei.

I personally even dare to assume that it will make it to mid-range Honor and to the Mate series by the end of 2018.

What are your thoughts about these new features from Huawei? Let us know in the comments down below.