Another year has passed, no doubt, this year has been really exciting and great in the tech world. We are still a very new Technology website, however we feel like we are heading in a good direction to get popular and offer content that a larger audience likes and are enthusiast about.

Thank you for being with us and connecting with us in 2017. We are extremely proud that we have gained over 15,000 page views and we had over 10,000 new readers on our website alone. Our Facebook, Instagram and Twitter channels have also grown substantially, thank you for the support – we are looking into making our platforms a little more personal and easier to reach as well as making it overall more suitable for more people to engage on (which is why we have our own Reddit sub). There are loads of things to look forward to in 2018 and we can’t wait!

Since we started in March 2017, we have published over 250 articles, 3 reviews and over 50 wallpapers. Reviews are something that we are currently working on – as we speak – and want to put a large focus on it. Analysis and Prediction articles will also make a comeback in 2018 as they seem to interest a lot of people.

We can’t wait for 2018 – as you might be able to tell by reading this. We can’t wait to expand further and meet with more of you ‘Techusiasts’!

Have a Happy New Year, we hope you’ll achieve your wonderful life goals and enjoy the new year with joy, happiness and a lot of successes. We’ll see you very soon!

-Techusiast team