Huawei has just patented a new smartwatch function. With it, you will be able to do gestures close to the bezel of the watch and control it with an ease – at least that’s what it seems like for now.

We also have a representation of the patent, so it makes it very easy to understand.


As you can see, there would be sensors (likely ultrasonic or infrared sensors that follow the finger) built inside the bezel of the smartwatch that would allow the user to control the watch with their fingers. In theory, you could easily send a text, pick an option from a menu and navigate easily.

With this function, you could easily navigate and use the watch on a daily – considering how small the displays and the crowns/buttons are on the side this would help out a lot in usage. According to the patent, the watch can sense movements in four zones around the watch, so you could draw in the air or close on your hands even – in theory.

It is likely that we are going to see these new features and gesture control in a future Huawei made smartwatch – or perhaps forget it forever as it’s a patent after all. Whatever it may end up being, it’s still really interesting and we would definitely love to see it.