According to the latest rumors, Razer will officially reveal the Razer Phone 2 in September, alongside the newly revealed Project Linda.

What this means is that the Razer Phone 2 will likely be announced at IFA Berlin at the end of August and at the beginning of September. Keep in mind that these news are not yet confirmed, so take it with a gran of salt.

What’s interesting is that the new Razer Phone 2 will likely launch alongside the convertible laptop like accessory, called Project Linda. According to the rumors, Project Linda might actually see the light of the day in a more finalised version and as an actual product.

If you haven’t heard of Project Linda yet, here’s a recap.

Project Linda allows you to place your Razer Phone inside a laptop (where the mouse would otherwise be placed) and use it on a big screen (perhaps in 13/15″ options). The base, laptop itself doesn’t have any internals other than perhaps USB 3 or C ports, 3.5mm headphone jack, internal storage and likely a built-in battery to give you a boost to play games and to multitask.

The concept itself isn’t new and we have seen manufacturers trying this out in a real market – however it never worked and was never a successful hit. With this however, the concept itself is in a working condition and it seems to work extremely well – that’s what might make it popular and incredibly easy to use.


Recently, Razer’s CEO Min-Liang has given a hint to MKBHD (YouTube content creator) that it might not be a concept and may actually be a real future product. Keep in mind that Project Linda was developed and put together in only just 2-3 months – given the fact that it could release in September, we believe that this would give Razer enough time to finalise and even market it alongside their new flagship device.

As always, nothing is confirmed at this moment. What are your thoughts about Project Linda and the recent rumors of the Razer Phone 2? Let us know in the comments below!