LG G6 Review – 6 months later



The software is where the G6 gets a little gimmicky. The very animation like UI is simply horrible. I’ve tried it and tried using it for over 2 hours, but I just couldn’t become a friend with it, so I’ve installed my favourite – Nova Launcher on day 1 and never looked back. With Nova launcher, I’ve customised the phone to my likings and performed as a stock Android device. I prefer the stock Android looking notification shade on top, so I’ve also downloaded a dark theme from the Play Store, link can be found below.


Themes work greatly on this device, but there are some colouring issues that developers simply can’t implement such as: keep the notification shade dark while keeping the settings and other UI elements white – this was confirmed by the friendly developer Mark. He has some great themes on the Play Store, so if you have a G6, definitely check him out.

Dark Material Theme For LG G6

Other software features include the usual change of on-screen navigation buttons and a few other small things that are to be expected from LG. The knock-on feature and the double tap to wake is also present – which I really loved. There’s also an always-on display, but I’ve never used it – I don’t like using any of these as it only just drains battery. I have a smartwatch, so it’s not necessary in my opinion.

Overall, the software options are very stock android like and it offers nearly identical features.


Perhaps the only complaint is the lack of Security patches and the much delayed Android Oreo update, which wasn’t promised by LG and they also didn’t say a word about it – until we have recently found out that it would be released somewhere in Q2 in 2018. If you want the latest OS, this phone is not for you, period.


The camera doesn’t have a bump on the back, instead it sits flat on the back. The dual shooters consist of a primary 13MP shooter with f/1.8 aperture and OIS, while the secondary is 13MP with f/2.4 aperture and no Autofocus. The primary has a 71 degree field of view, while the secondary is 125 degrees now.

The camera app offers manual modes over the shutter speed, white balance, focus and more. It’s the best manual UI I have ever used.

I have to say, the camera is one of my favourite on this phone. It takes some really great photos with a lot of detail, colours are vibrant and the dynamic range is good too. Shooting in low-light conditions isn’t the best with the secondary shooter, but the primary will get the job done quiet nicely. I personally love the photos the G6 can make, but I’ll let you be the judge for this one.

The selfie shooter is OK. While it’s usable in good lighting conditions, it’s unusable at night or in low-light. So unless you want to see a lot of noise and soft images, don’t use it at night.


As a conclusion, the LG G6 holds up very well along today’s smartphones, and overall 2018 – and I’m saying this knowing that the Samsung Galaxy S9 will launch on the 25th of February. There are brand new flagships coming out very soon, but I can still recommend the G6 for those who aren’t keen on having cutting-edge (latest) smartphones with them at all times, but like to get things done.


The G6 is cheaper than ever, while some carriers offer it dirt cheap, getting it from Amazon and from second hand places like eBay is also a good option as it’s incredibly cheap, for what is – in theory a 2017 flagship-like device.

It performs OK, though there are a lot of stutters even in normal use that can and will put off a lot of power users, but for more casual users who need a great camera and to get their usual tasks done, this is perhaps the best phone you can buy right now for the price.

The Galaxy S8 is a good alternative, but the G6 can still save you some money, so I would rather vote for this instead, if you ask me.

In a nutshell:

  • Great high-end flagship design
  • Hardware is top-notch, without a notch
  • Display is amazing, no complaints
  • Specs are a bit outdated, holds up very well however
  • Software is disappointing. LG dismissed the G6 and will likely not get Android 9.
  • Camera is superb
  • Performance could be better, overall decent
  • Battery is really good, can get you through a full day of heavy/moderate use.
  • Price wise it’s a really good option if you’re not keen on having cutting-edge tech