The Techusiast website was created to provide the latest News, Reviews and Analysis content to you. It was made to create a community and to educate, provide important information in an easily reachable and understandable way.

We are happy to announce that we have been very successful so far and were able to serve over 14,000 unique visitors since we launched last year.

Today, I – Roland would like to announce some small, but very important changes to the Techusiast website.

I have created this website and this whole network to provide timely technology updates, News, Reviews and Analysis – and of course my own opinion in a unique way to hundreds, thousands of people from all around the world. I am grateful for the support I have achieved and will continue to focus on the website just as much as before this announcement. – Roland (Founder of Techusiast)

TL;DR can be found on the bottom of this article.

Now, News are a big topic and unfortunately I only have 24 hours on a day. A News article takes between 15-45 minutes to write up, re-phrase, upload and edit images. This, of course does not include the extra time an article sometime can take to research in more detail, to provide you an extra few lines of information – and to make you understand certain topics/categories much faster and easier.

As a University student, I can write 1-2 articles a day and make small updates to existing articles and just re-write them again with some updated News to generate more traffic, but that is not how I intended to create this website and build-it from the ground up. I always wanted to make unique content that truly provides benefits to my readers and allows you to learn something new about: News, Tricks, Deals, a new Wallpaper setup or a Review and many more…

In the past 10 months, I have to admit that I have been focusing on writing News articles to try my best and reach a larger audience. I’m happy to say that it was a successful decision, however as mentioned above, it requires too much time to simply keep you up-to-date.

Lately, I have been focusing on less-frequent postings, but providing a summarised article on the latest news on the latest and the most popular products/services you are most likely interested in. Many people seem to have liked the articles, but it is simply generating much less traffic – when compared to more frequent posts.

Needless to say, I and the Techusiast Team still prioritises quality over quantity!

Today, I am announcing that you will see less frequent News articles from us (meaning that we will not focus on posting the latest news here, but will rather wait and summarise them all up together). I hope that this will require less time to write and publish – and still provide you as much detail as possible.

I will be posting more videos on our YouTube channel with more in-depth Analysis and Predictions – as well as product review content. Follow me on YouTube if you do not already!

I will go back to my original plan for what I intended this website for: Providing my own opinions on the latest technology products and services. I want to write content that I actually truly enjoy writing and want to share, instead of just focusing on the latest stuff from big companies – don’t get me wrong, they’re fun! But when you are writing them for 10 months straight on your own, it gets rather boring and you lose the motivation for everything else.

Our authors: Shaadi and Chris are students just like I am. They are currently studying very much on accomplishing their grades and to finish their studies – therefore they are very busy and can’t spare enough time to write articles. That’s absolutely fine – Techusiast is a contribution based website where we accept all content, from anyone all around the world. We are also grateful to have a friendly partnership with our friends at ServeMeTech and happy to have Addison (our new contributor) on-board too! We can’t yet afford to pay for any contribution, however we allow anyone to let their voice be heard and share their thoughts with our visitors and followers.

In case you are interested in contributing or becoming an Author, you may want to visit our “JOIN US” page where you can sign up. Read the requirements, fill in the details and send. As simple as it sounds. I would love to see more people contributing and creating a new community where all voice can be heard and seen. If you are a Technology Enthusiast, help us become your number 1 Technology source!


TL;DR – So in short, here are all of the changes that are coming to our website:

  • Less frequent News content – but the same detailed articles later when there are more information about products and services.
  • More focus on Reviews, Analysis and interesting stories that you are interested in.
  • We’ll focus more on creating a better community where you can share your views, thoughts and opinion and contribute to building the website with us and earn rewards. (rewards are a future plan and we do not yet have exact details on it)
  • More giveaways to give something back to all of our audience.
  • More video content on our YouTube channel.

If you want to help us or have an idea that you wish to share, you can always email us on this page and send some feedback – We always listen to friendly feedback: be it positive or negative!

Thank you for your all of the support!
Roland – Founder of Techusiast