Apple yesterday has finally revealed the big new upgrades, the iPhone Xs and the iPhone Xs Max devices. The company also released a new ‘budget’ device the iPhone Xr to compensate the high-end devices with their really high-end prices.

If you haven’t yet already read our article of the iPhone Xs and iPhone Xs Max, you should certainly take a look. A similar article is also available for the iPhone Xr that explains our thoughts and the general specifications of the device.

As you all most likely know by now, the new iPhones are coming really soon, 21 September for the Xs series and 26 October for the Xr.

We’re not here to bash the new iPhones and Apple for the decent upgrades, but it’s 2018 and some of the drawbacks of the iPhone are still present, while literally every single other smartphone manufacturer has solved those issues in the past – we are here to tell you about those.

First of all, let’s talk about the disappointments that apply to the iPhone Xs and iPhone Xs Max.


  • Both iPhones come with the same old, slow 5W charging cables and wall adapters.

While nearly all other phone manufacturers decided to ship their new shiny high-end, premium devices with a fast charger, Apple decided to stick to their old slow 5W charger that they bundle with their so called ‘Premium’ smartphones.

I’m not sure about you, but when I or any of my friends & family spend $999+ or £999+ on a new device, I would kindly expect at least a fast charger inside the box – sadly, it’s still not the case in 2018.

In fact, if you want to fast charge your new iPhone Xs or Xs Max, you’d have have the option to go to Apple’s website or a nearby Apple store and pick one up for around $80 or around £60-80. That is just crazy!

  • Apple does not include the 3.5mm headphone jack to Lighting adaptor in the box

Apple included the headphone adaptor inside the iPhone boxes ever since it killed of the headphone jack – since the iPhone 7. Luckily, customers got a chance to still use their old and perhaps high-end headphones with the adapter, but that ends today.

Nor the iPhone Xs, nor the iPhone Xs Max and nor the iPhone Xr come bundled with the headphone adapter. Now, you could argue that the dongle only costs $9 that anyone could pick one up who needs one, but I feel like it should be given to everyone no matter what. The headphone jack situation is a slow transition, so we expect manufacturers to keep at least a dongle bundled inside the box – especially if the device costs $700+.

It’s also worth mentioning that it only costs Apple pennies to make them, so we don’t see any reason why they would become so cruel and not include it anymore.

  • The included Lighting cable is still Lighting to USB-A

Apple wanted to start a new trend by going full USB-C on the 2016 Macbooks, and luckily it happened. Many were against it (mainly for the #donglelife) but most people seem to understand the new shift to the new standard. USB-C offers a lot more performance and extra functionalities that is simply not possible with the traditional USB-A cable.

Unfortunately, Apple seems to break it’s own trend by not including and making Lighting to USB-C cables and wall adapters. We are certainly confused about why Apple would do this and prevent their users to charge their $1000+ devices with their $2000+ Macbooks and other Apple products. This doesn’t make any sense and Apple should really feel bad for not even keeping up with their own trend.

We did not expect Apple to give up their money mill by ditching the lighting cable and opting for a full-on USB-C port, but expected the USB-A port on the other side of the cable to be replaced by USB-C.

Apple has officially killed off the iPhone SE – say no more to affordable and compact phones, spend more and just get the Xr or the iPhone 7, 8.

Apple does not officially sell the iPhone SE anymore, that’s the end of an era of small and compact, yet powerful smartphones.

Right now, Apple only offers the iPhone 7 and iPhone 8 at reduced prices, however some people may still find them large – and at this time, they do not have the latest components inside them. (They are still very much usable and fast, especially with IOS 12 around the corner)

We know a lot of people who would love to own a smartphone that is small and powerful and has an Apple logo on it – we don’t blame you. We also love a compact smartphone that runs IOS for its stability and its UI features, but Apple chooses to be missing out on a large market – and choose to ignore their customers.

Major disappointments of the brand new “budget” iPhone Xr.

All colour combinations
  • The screen resolution is 828 x 1792 (326 ppi) that’s just above 720p on a 6.1″ large display.

Let’s talk display. Apple now included a 120Hz display that it promises to be the most colour accurate screen to date. We’ll have to wait for tests and benchmarks to see if it’s actually true, until then, let’s talk about the resolution.

The display is 828 x 1792, what that means is that you can’t even play 1080p YouTube videos or watch any FHD content on Amazon or Netflix. All of that on a large 6.1″ display. The low-standard for any high-end device is now at least 1080p and QHD, so we would have been just happy with 1080p, but 720p in 2018? That really is a shame!

Due to these reasons, we expect the iPhone Xr to break benchmark records as the rendering process would require less power to display all of the pixels, therefore the rendering power could be used to display a more smooth, provide excellent gaming performance.

  • IP67 water and dust certificate while Xs/Max gets IP68

This is sort of nit-picky, but while the absolute high-end Xs and Xs Max receive an IP68 certificate, the Xr only gets an IP67 certification. We expected all new iPhones to be on-par with these ratings, guess not.

  • Same old, slow 5W charger inside the box
  • No headphone jack adapter
  • Charging cable is Lighting to USB-A.

There are couple reasons why we decided to make this article, mainly due to the fact that Apple is seriously a gigantic Trillion Dollar company that still doesn’t care much about their customers’ needs, but more about money and their investors. We are fine with all of that, as long as they actually make things happen in a way that is comfortable for both their users who literally pay thousands of dollars to use ‘iDevices’ and for Apple- so they would not have to spend a lot more to make it happen.

While the headphone dongle would literally only cost pennies, the new charging cable and the fast charger would certainly cost more for Apple to make them, but we are still only talking about perhaps a few extra bucks – at most. (The more the demand is, the less it costs / charger, cable etc.)

For this very reason, we decided to write this article and let our readers know that while Apple certainly made some great improvements with their new “s” devices, the drawbacks are still present and can be felt – which is simply unacceptable from such a massive company that asks for $700+ dollars for their devices that are marketed as “high-end”.

Do you agree or disagree? Let us know in the comments down below and don’t forget to share this with your friends – let them know the same old issues that still persist today.