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Are you currently thinking about becoming a journalist covering technology related news? We’ve got your back! Here’s a fantastic opportunity to test out yourself in this industry and gain some publicity.

We are looking for people who would like to write a few articles on a daily and on a weekly basis. The article would be posted and shared over our social media pages and on our website. It could later be used for references to show the work you have done and of course, you could build up a good reputation for yourself over time.


  • Be up to date in technology (be it phones, drones, computers, gadgets, smartwatches, smart things, internet of things, tweaks, how-to’s and anything that is technology related)
  • Be able to write efficiently in English

You would be the author of your own work, therefore you woud be able to share it, reference it later on and use it for your own purposes. (Terms apply) As the brand would get larger and more popular, we could guarantee a payment of course!

You would also be added to our highly visible list of “contributors” where you could get noticed very easily! (currently working on this)

We are looking for people who are willing to spare some time and take this seriously. We do not want articles written in 5 minutes. Quality over quantity!

We are looking for:

  • People covering News articles every day
  • People writing and reviewing games on any platform (PlayStation, Xbox, PC, Android/IOS)
  • People summarising the best deals available for every week for US, UK, Germany, Australia, India and many other countries
  • People writing and reviewing camera equipment and cameras itself
  • The above mentioned topics are a must, but if you have any other ideas, make sure to include them in the email, we are always open to hear new ideas and topics you may be able to cover or write about.

What to include:

  • Name the email subject box as “Techusiast recruitment”
  • Include your full name and at least one Social Media profile to make sure you are a real person with some real activities. If you do not have any Social Media presence, please state any other platforms where you currently can be found.
  • Write 300-600 words about yourself and why you would like to join us.
  • Not required, but a good point, link to one or more articles that you have written. If you haven’t written about anything, write an article about a choice of your topic. Make sure it’s between 300-800 words.
  • Name any software/platform that you are experienced with such as: Android/IOS, PhotoShop etc. If you are not experienced or do not know a platform, please state it so we know.

What you can expect from us:

  • Friendly and fast support
  • Helping you to grow your social media presence and profile
  • Freedom to write about anything that is technology related, so the audience can learn and read about things that would benefit them (both short/long term)
  • If you later happen to leave us (we certainly believe that you will have a fun time with us), the articles you have written could be used as proof of your previous work you have done, therefore you would have higher chances of joining somewhere else.

Message us if you’re interested and would like to share your opinion and views on a fast growing technology website.

You can contact us on our website in the “Contact Us” page or via email, or just use the form down below!


Upon successful acceptance to the Techusiast website, every applicant will be emailed back within 7 days of receiving the application.

We hope to see you with us soon!