Product Review Policy

Product Review Policy

Last Updated: 25/04/2018 

Our website and staff members are working together with manufacturers and PR staff members to review and preview the latest technology related items such as: smartphones, computers, smartwatches, wearables, speakers, headphones, software and many more. To submit your request for a review or a preview, please make sure to contact us on the shown email address.


1, Send your product(s) and related marketing materials such as specification sheets, images and other relevant information to our email address.

2, If you supply us with any images or other content to go along with your product or service you are inherently acknowledging that you are the sole owner of that content and you are granting us the right to publish that content on

3, Send us an email alerting us that you wish to have a review/preview of your product. Make sure to give us an email address or a way to contact you in case we have any questions or concerns with your product.

4, Please note that we do not guarantee that your product will be reviewed or previewed on our website as we may not have the time to work on it. All pre-arranged product reviews/previews will however be shown on our website in 28 days after receiving it. We may, for any reason not review your product, unless pre-arranged.

5, For the benefit of our readers, all product and service reviews are meant to be unbiased. Therefore, make no guarantee as to the favourability of our review for your product. As a courtesy, we will not publish anything that is considered to be damaging or overly critical of your product or service.

6, It is completely up to our discretion which products or services we deem beneficial to our readers.  If we believe a product or service is beneficial to our readers, we reserve the right to promote the product or service through our online communication channels.

7, We will not ship any items, products back to you unless it is clearly stated or has a return shipping label on it. In that case, the product will be returned within 14 days after the review is published.

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If you want to show your product in front of our readers in a highly-visible manner, we will require a payment from you. These payments will help us grow in the future as well as to pay our services. We accept payments in which case your product will be reviewed within 28 days if we find it beneficial and interesting for our readers.

All Sponsored content will follow the points stated above and our Policies that you can find on our website, therefore we make no guarantees that it will be positive, nor negative. “Product Review Policy” also applies.

All Sponsored content will be clearly shown as: “Sponsored”.

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Any submission of a product for our review will be considered an acceptance of these disclaimers and stipulations.  Understand that this policy is in place to protect the integrity of our content and to ensure we are not misleading our readers but instead providing them with valuable insight.