Roland Udvarlaki

Founder of Techusiast

I am Roland Udvarlaki the Founder of Techusiast.

I have created the “Techusiast” website to help anyone and everyone understand how the technology works, what factors to consider when picking from a wide variety of products and of course, to follow/keep up with the news. I aim to provide high quality content (both written and recorded formats) from anyone who writes articles or records a video that is later on shared on the website.

As of September 2017, I am the only person to work on the website. It’s a hard work to do all by myself, so if you feel like you want to contribute and write articles about your own preferred products, operating systems or anything else that is technology related – send me an email on the “Contact Us” page. (Please read “Join Us” page before sending any emails)

I want to provide my thoughts on products and give you – our readership – the best quality of advice, things to consider when purchasing or just trying to educate yourself from something you are not yet familiar with.

I am constantly working on enhancing the website to make it look better, user friendly and stable of course. If you have any ideas on how I or perhaps we could make it better, please send any suggestions, feedbacks to me on the “Contact Us” page.

I am always open to discussions, partnerships and of course to feedback – be it good or bad, I believe both of those play a major role when running a website and also in real life.

Feel free to Follow me on any of the Social Media pages down below, contact me there if you desire to do so.

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