Samsung has released its own docking station that let’s the Galaxy s8/+ devices dock in and function as a desktop PC. You can connect the dock with a keyboard, mouse and of course a monitor. DeX will be part of the recommended accessories that the new flagships will be promoted with and it looks promising so far.

So let’s get into it. DeX is a quiet small accessory that is able to dock a Galaxy S8/+ device into it, connect to a monitor and… voila, you have a desktop. So what are the pros and cons of having such an accessory?

First, it’s great for those who are always on-the-go and need to have something that they can use at any time to get their job done easily and quickly. But how can you possibly use it if you don’t have a monitor or a tv nearby you that you could use to hook up your DeX with it? Well, if we assume that someone travels a lot, this will certainly not replace their tablet, laptop setup as there would be no point of having it if there wouldn’t be a way to use it. So what’s the point of having it?

Well, knowing the fact that most of us keep memories (images, videos), games and other files on our device’s storage, it’s good to know that we don’t necessarily need a laptop with us at all times to connect with the world and share memories on a large display. True, we could use WiFi and connect to our TVs or upload it to the cloud and share a link with our loved ones, but how about the times when you want to show it personally? You could just use your phone for that, right? There are many options available today starting with a phone and ending with a TV. Anything in between are smaller screens and are just as good to share some memories with friends and loved ones, DeX is somewhere in between those devices.

But is it really only for sharing things? Short answer: No, not really. It’s also for those who want to enjoy playing games on a large display. There are millions of free and premium games available in the Google Play store and this little device would let you play all of your games in a more enjoyable format. No matter if you’re trying to build a better base in Clash of Clans or want to beat your friend’s high score in Subway Surfers, a bigger screen could really offer something unique that a tablet with a screen would not be able to. Sometimes you need those physical buttons to help you create, manage and design things.

Have you forgot to back up your files on a USB drive or to the cloud overnight but you happen to have your phone with you? If you also happen to have your DeX with you, this could be a life saver during work, especially if you happen to have your work files and documents backed up on your phone’s storage or an SD card. You could easily place down your DeX, plug-in your phone in it and…you’re good to go. You could edit all of your files in Microsoft Office, check your calendar, browse the web and see through your important emails – all powered by your phone. This could come in really handy in our busy lives but it’s questionable if we really need another product that could take up some valuable space in our pockets and bags.

DeX will be available for $149.99 in the US and will ship in late April. Pre-order also available in the UK for £129.00

What are your thoughts about Samsung’s DeX? Would you buy it? Are you thinking about getting one in the near future?



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