OnePlus has leaked their new flagship device all over the internet revealing the design and a few key highlights of their new shiny high-end phone in the past few months. The phone now features a dual camera setup, thinner build and the Midnight Black colour is not exclusive anymore.

Let’s take a closer look at what OnePlus has to offer in 2017.


Looking at the specification sheet, we can see that the new OnePlus flagship is no exception – it’s packed with high-end components. As reported before, the new OnePlus is featuring Qualcomm’s latest Snapdragon 835 chipset and has options for either 64/128GB memory options.

The amount of RAM you get will depend on the storage option you go for.

So 64GB of storage will get you 6GB RAM while 128GB of storage will get you a massive 8GB RAM, which is industry first. We have a few questions whether this amount of RAM can actually be useful for a smartphone and we are going to find out later. Unfortunately, there is no SD card slot available, however you do get a dual sim tray.

The storage also features the UFS 2.1 Dual lane storage that provides faster speeds for readability and writing performance.

The OnePlus 5 supports 34 network bands worldwide so connecting to any carrier in Europe, Asia and in the United States should not be a problem, however Verizon and Sprint customers are out of luck this time too just like previously.

Unlike on the OnePlus 2, the NFC can be found on the device. It’s great to see it now that Wireless payments are becoming more popular and easier than ever.

The newest Bluetooth 5.0 can also be found in the device that will become more popular in the next year or so once more devices and IoT, speakers will be equipped with it.

It’s weird to see however that the top-notch device only has version 2.0 Type-C port – it’s located on the bottom of the device as always.

The battery is fairly large taking the thinness (7.25mm) into consideration at 3300 mAh. It should last you a full day with moderate to heavy use and topping it up should be fast too thanks to Dash Charge. As we have seen it in the OnePlus 3/3T, Dash charge will charge 50% of your device in only just 30 minutes. That should make charging less painful and much faster. Do note that if you forget to leave the Dash wall adapter at home, other normal chargers will work but at the usual charging rates only, so it could take longer to charge up fully.







OnePlus has proudly stated that they have tested and tried over 100 prototypes to create a unique, elegant looking device that everyone would desire and fall in love. Taking a closer look at the design, we can clearly see that the design is nearly identical to what we have seen before on the 2016 Apple iPhone 7 Plus flagship or on the Oppo R11 that was announced recently.

Checking a few details here and there we can find out that the company that owns Oppo and OnePlus are the same owners, so borrowing a few design elements is certainly not an issue and we do not have a problem with that. What we have a small issue with is the unimpressive design that feels so familiar and less-unique than it is supposed to be. We would have love to see something more unique coming from OnePlus, but for those who are fine with the design and can accept it (or cover it with a case or a skin), they will most probably be happy with the functionalities that can be found on the device itself. We are fine with the design as we would protect it with a case against accidental drops and scratches.

The device unfortunately does not have any IP certification meaning that it does not have any water resistance or dust protection. Try not using your phone in rain and avoid submerging it as it will likely not work after.

The OnePlus 5 comes in only 2 different colours (for now) including: Slate Grey (64GB version) and Midnight Black (128GB). Do note however we are likely to see a white/gold variant of the device later on this year – it’s not announced, but it could happen.

The alert slider is here to say and is a welcome feature to have. It let’s you silence, put it in do not disturb mode with a slider on the top left side.


The display is a 5.5” FHD (~401 ppi) Optic AMOLED screen that offers deep blacks, clear whites and vibrant colour production. The screen is pleasure to look at when viewing from different angles and watching videos or playing games.

One downside is that it only has 1080×1920 resolution that isn’t on par with other high-end flagships. This can mostly be noticed in VR, which is still not very popular with smartphone devices, so we can’t really complain about the quality. It looks great under any load and condition and you will most likely not experience any issues with it.

The fingerprint sensor can be found underneath the display and it’s one of the fastest we have ever seen. It’s an always on sensor that can unlock your phone in only just 0.2 seconds. Once you tap on it, you’ll be on your home screen nearly instantly.


This is where it gets interesting.

The OnePlus 5 has OnePlus’ own OxygenOS on top of the latest Android 7.1 version and is pretty much stock Android. It includes OnePlus’ own little, but very useful features such as changing the on-screen navigation buttons to the ones that can be found under the display, changing theme colours and setting certain parts of the software black or white. (The settings is a good example that can be set to pure black)

The Operating system and every day tasks are optimised, so the apps you use frequently will load faster than the ones that you only use occasionally. This will save battery and increase the performance and provide you with a smooth and fluid overall experience.

The launcher is a Pixel look-a-like with swipe up gestures to open up the app drawer, long pressing to get quick shortcuts, swipe left on homescreen to see a widget page and swipe down anywhere on the homescreen to scroll down the notification center. We really like what we are seeing so far.

Future updates will definitely include Android O, however seeing what OnePlus did with their OnePlus 2 device, we can only assume that their current flagship will receive at least 2 major updates in the future. (Though OnePlus commented that they have only scrapped the OnePlus 2 from being updated as they didn’t have enough resources at the time to do so, and also said that they have everything they need to fulfil customer satisfaction today)


The camera bump on the back is fairly small and should not bother the average users at all, not even tech enthusiasts (wink wink) 🙂

OnePlus has decided to jump on the dual camera bandwagon and equip their new flagship with not one, but two cameras.

The main camera is a 16MP f/1.7 sensor that does not have OIS but rather Electronic Image Stabilisation (EIS) and the pixels are 1.12 µm big. The other camera is a larger resolution 20MP f/2.6 aperture with 1.0 µm pixel size. A dual-LED flash can also be found right next to them.

The selfie shooter is a large 16MP sensor with 1/2.0, EIS and 1.0 µm pixel size offering you great images.

The HDR capabilities are also here of course and they do a perfect job at enhancing images and to take better photos under all conditions.

The camera application looks like it’s straight copied from the iPhone and the features too. The secondary camera let’s you zoom in 2x without loosing any quality and also helps taking DSLR like images with some nice bokeh effects. (blurred background)

The camera app can shoot in RAW format, show a Histogram and it also allows you to control the sharpness, shutter speed, ISO and all the settings that you may need to take a great photo of a sunset.

From what we have seen so far, the camera in the OnePlus 5 is very capable but it doesn’t win against like the G6, S8 or even the iPhone 7. This doesn’t mean that it’s bad, it just means that the price justifies what you get.


Overall we are very impressed with the OnePlus performance and features. Sure, the design might not look very fancy and you might not go up to your friends proudly telling them you’ve got a new shiny phone, but never the less, it’s an amazing phone with great features built-in out of the box and with top-notch specs.

We don’t mind if companies copy certain elements, features and even some designs from other companies, we know that it’s for us, consumers. The race of selling more and giving more options for us is what we love and want to see and OnePlus does a great job at that.

OnePlus is currently selling the OnePlus 5 as an “Early-Drop” marketing campaign. You can buy yours today or wait until 27 June when it will be available worldwide.

To participate and to get yours today, all you have to do is go on this website and enter the code: Clearer Photos

The OnePlus 5 will be sold worldwide for:

US: 64GB $478 or 128GB $539

Europe: 64GB 499EUR or 128GB 559EUR

United Kingdom: 64GB £449 or 128GB £499

If you are looking for the OnePlus 5 wallpapers, you can check them out and download them all on this page.

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A durability test has already been made, check it out here.

What are your thoughts about the OnePlus 5? Will you buy it? If not, why? Let us know in the comments below.