By now, you most probably read and seen a lot of renders of the new upcoming shiny iPhone 8, or 7S – whatever it will be called – it remains unclear.

According to a new source, the new iPhone 8 will be very much like what we have seen before, perhaps even better.

The 10th Anniversary phone must be special and must stand out among the other high-end flagships that already proved the world that they can beat others by innovation and by trying out new things.

According to the source, what you see above is what seems to be the finalised design of the new iPhone 8. It’s supposed to have a large 5.8″ bezelles display. The bezels are apparently only 4mm thick all around the display. This (in-theory) should not or at least make much less accidental touches to the side of the display – unlike it is on the Galaxy flagships where the software had to be optimised against those.

The bottom of the new iPhone is also shown on the supposedly finalised render confirming the fact that the new iPhone will not use the “old” 3.5mm headphone jack port. The lighting cable input can also be found here along with the microphone and the bottom firing speaker. It’s notable to mention that some rumors suggested that the new Apple flagship would use USB-C to let the phone take advantage of the higher, faster charging speeds. This might be true on the cable’s other end as it may (or may not) have a USB-C connection into the wall-plug to provide faster charging speeds as well as compatibility with the new Mac lineup.

The speaker setup is supposed to be the same as it was on last year’s iPhone 7/Plus devices. A bottom firing speaker along with another one in the earpiece would provide a stereo sound making the audio clearer and more enjoyable for consuming content.

By now, you may be wondering about the location of the Fingerprint sensor also known as “TouchID”.

We’ll get to that right now, but to be clear, that’s one of the things that is still unconfirmed. Although we still stand with the theory that you can read down below.

As you have most probably heard it before, Apple had a lot of headaches with the placement of the TouchID. According to rumors, they wanted to place the Fingerprint sensor in-screen, underneath the display. It is likely that Apple wasn’t finished with the overall sensor by the time it would release their new flagship, therefore they had to ditch the idea and move it to their next flagship device in 2018.

The fingerprint sensor location isn’t yet clear to us, but we know for a fact that the new power key will be enlarged. Our theory is that the new larger power key and it’s surface may include the TouchID fingerprint sensor in one way or the other. This would likely make the unlocking process easier as you would have to unlock your device somehow – right? What other method would you use other than pressing the power key? (double tapping the screen is a solution but as we know the fingerprint isn’t embedded into the screen – yet) Well, we are going to find out if that’s true, but perhaps they might not include it overall and just use an Iris Scanner?

We’re not sure, so we’ll get back to that later when we have more information.

So, one question remains unclear – the fingerprint sensor. But wait, there is another one. We are curious to find out how IOS 11 will be optimised to handle the new ‘cutout’ for the display. The middle portion will be quipped with the front facing camera, earpiece as well as other sensors.

Nodus – an expensive case maker that worked with Apple for a long time now – believes that the display right next to the cutouts will simply be used to display the battery indicator as well as the connectivity and signal strength.

The Notification area will be called as “Function Area” and will be apparently placed down on the bottom of the display to be used much easier with only just one hand as well as to make it easier to reach overall.

The camera setup on the back is supposedly correct and should consist a pair of dual-shooters in a vertical alignment. The quality of the sensors is unknown at the moment, but judging by the past – we expect Apple to stick with the 12MP cameras and improve their features by a lot. We expect to see wide-angle and telephoto functionalities as before.

The battery life is expected to be significantly improved over the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus devices from Apple. The new much efficient battery life should be expected thanks to the new L-shaped battery that is supposedly making its way to the new generation of iPhone 8.

The price of the new iPhone 8 is expected to be not only just more expensive – but also the most expensive iPhone Apple has ever made.

The price is expected to start from $1100 to $1200. (~£840, ~€940) Also, some sources are only mentioning that there will be only two storage options including the 128GB model as well as the 256GB. This is unclear at the moment as it isn’t confirmed by any sources, so take it with a pinch of salt as always.

We would expect to see a 64GB, 128GB and the 256GB models seeing the light of the day. We’ll find out later as more information starts pouring in.

There are supposed to be 3 brand new phones at the launch event that is expected to happen sometime in mid-September.

What are your thoughts about the apparently finalised renders of the new iPhone 8? What is it that you like, dislike about it? Let us know in the comments down below, share your opinions.