What can we expect from Apple in the very near future?

First things first, we would like to talk about the things that are expected to happen in the next upcoming months. Apple is not expected to revolutionise the industry any time soon, but it sure will show off some things that aren’t expected and may change the way companies do certain things both for the consumers and in the manufacturing process.


The iPhone is an iconic product from Apple. It shaped and created an all-new smartphone and re-shaped the whole industry. The first iPhone was released in 2007 by Steve Jobs and it was quickly one of the best selling and most innovative devices ever created.

Ever since then, Apple has been mostly successful with everything they have got into and touched. Take for example the Apple Watch – once it was on sale, it was the most selling smartwatch on the world – more on this later…

So, what is it that we can expect from the next generation of iPhone and iPhones? We are going to mention our thoughts and expectation for this year’s model as well as the future ones.

We all know that the much awaited water and dust resistant iPhone has arrived in 2016 and will most likely stick with us in the future.

The next 10th Anniversary iPhone will most likely include a bezelless display as well as a lot of improvements made to the hardware and software, but we will most likely not see any groundbreaking innovation – as some may expect. Read more about the iPhone 8 on this link.

See, Apple has started focusing and improving on things that has been available on the market for a long time – Apple aims to perfect those solutions and technology and re-sell it to their customers as an innovative product. We do not have a problem with that as it benefits the customers as they get a more perfected and seamless product at the end of the day, that will make their life easier in the long term and keep Apple’s investors happy with increasing sales and more profits, as well as high stock prices.

The truth is, Apple does not necessarily have to come up with innovative tech every year or every few years, the fact that they perfect a lot of other technology and solutions still gives them a chance to beat everyone in the market and keep their investors happy, as well as their customers.

Sure, we would love to see Apple come up with a revolutionary product every now and then, but that might just take a few more years until the technology becomes more advanced.

We know for a fact that the 2018 flagship from Apple will surely have the new in-screen fingerprint sensor that will indeed be innovative not only for Apple, but also for other manufacturers.

iPhone SE

The iPhone SE was a big hit when it was released. It was ‘compact’ and powerful as it was equipped with Apple Pay’s NFC, a new camera and a stronger chipset.

Currently, all rumors say that we are likely to see a new iPhone SE being released in 2018 – and we hope we’ll get one. There are millions out there wanting to have a small and compact phone that they can easily use with only just one hand, and the SE is perfect for those who want easy one hand usability.

We expect to see a new or perhaps the iPhone 8’s design on the new SE, but we also wouldn’t be surprised if it would come out with nearly identical design to the 5S/SE. Apple, if you’re reading this, make some design improvements on the 5S hardware.

We expect to see the iPhone SE be equipped with Apple’s A10 chipset (from iPhone 7), a 32/128GB storage option, 1700 mAh battery, 12MP camera on the back and IOS 11 – of course. The display should not be larger than 4-4.5″. (our best bet would be 4.2″ if you ask us)


Siri speaker? Nope, it’s HomePod!

HomePod is a smart speaker that will be voice activated with a few options to make the audio fill up a room depending on placement, music genre and many other things.

We expect Apple to sell these ‘Siri speakers’ like hot cakes when it becomes available at a quiet high price. It will compete against Google Home, Amazon’s Echo/Alexa speakers.

HomePod will surely have a lot of new innovative features and functions available in the future, but we wouldn’t expect it to be the best of its kind, we believe that Google will win the market share thanks to its enormous resources that it has and still is gathering every single day with its Search engines, photos and many other services.

This will surely be more helpful for those who own many Apple devices including Mac, iPads and iPhones. The seamless syncing and having everything ready on other devices is surely going to be a key highlighting feature.

Apple Watch

Apple Watch has quickly become the best selling smartwatch in this new market around the world. It has captured attention with its looks and fashion focused targeting.

We expect to see a new watch design next year, perhaps a rounded one – finally. This year, Apple has only made the internals better and overall the software much smoother and feature-rich. The hardware changes included minor changes and some welcome additions such as including water resistance.

The new Apple Watches will surely be popular with their new designs and other new features, but we expect to see some other hardware changes other than improvements made to the chipset only. We wouldn’t be surprised if we would see a new sensor being capable of doing new functions and features offering new measuring systems for the health app, tracking etc.

Apple Car

Image courtesy to Macrumors.com

Apple has announced that they are entering into the car business and will make AI technologies in the near future. Tim Cook the CEO of Apple didn’t go into detail to say what their exact plan is for the future, so we can only expect and analyse the information that we have so far.

As of early 2017, work on the software appears to be progressing. Apple has been granted a permit from the California DMV to test self-driving vehicles on public roads, and is rumored to be planning to test its self-driving car software platform in several 2015 Lexus RX450h SUVs leased from Hertz. The SUVs have already been spotted out on the road with a host of sensors and cameras. – Macrumors.com

As of right now, Apple is focusing on making AI – an Autonomous system that it would be able to sell to car manufacturers as well as to integrate into their own systems such as IOS to make profits in the future as well as to help people navigate with driverless cars.

Self-driving cars are the future according to Apple, and they want to get a piece of the market by making this Autonomous system. They want to be able to sell their ‘services’ to car manufacturers and earn money after every single car that will be able to use their AI features. It is understandable, but at this early stage of self-driving cars, it’s really hard to predict how all of this will work out for Apple, while nearly all of the car manufacturers and other companies are racing to finish their AI system first.

In terms of public tests, Tesla is leading the self-driving features as well as WayMo – an Alphabet subsidiary.


As a conclusion, we think that Apple is doing a fine job in terms of keeping their investors happy and making wise and right decisions in all of the markets they are currently holding in a presence.

We are expecting Apple to make major changes to their Apple Watch in 2018, but not a major one for their number one selling product – the iPhone 8s or 9. (We are still unsure at this time what the next generation of iPhone will be called).

We are sure that Apple is going to make some great changes and some much needed improvements to all of their lineup including their phones, headphones, watches and of course tablets. The future of the iPod seems unclear at the moment, but we will dedicate an article for it in the next few weeks, stay tuned for that.

What are your thoughts about the above mentioned products? Do you think we missed out other products from this list? If so, which one would you add? Let us know your thoughts in the comments down below.