LG has decided to share the new features and designs it plans to equip their new high-end phablet with. The new User Interface and the device itself will include a few worthy upgrades.

At this point, we are certain that the new V flagship will not have a secondary display, we know that LG has tried to make a ‘secondary display’ like feature to help future V30 users experience some important and useful shortcuts.

The new feature is called ‘Floating Bar’ and it does what its name suggests. The bar will be semi-transparent and will float on the screen. It will be available on the right, middle-ish side of the screen. You’ll be able to drag it off the display and use it at any time.


But that’s not all. The Always-On-Display (AOD) will also see a new improvement on the design side. The new AOD will be able to display Quick Tools, the Music Player and even a custom image of your choice.

LG has also included a new Face Recognition feature that will allow you to unlock your device, even if the device’s display is turned off. There are added security measures, so unlocking the device should be harder when for example an image of your face would be shown on a picture.

The voice recognition feature has also been improved. The feature will now use a combination of the user’s voice and combine it with some self-generated words in order to unlock the phone.

Also, a “Haptic feedback on the LG V30 can be customised with various included vibration combinations that can be matched to the phone’s ringtone” – LG says.

Some software details of the new camera can also be found on the Source link down below.

The LG V30 will be officially announced on 31 August and is rumored to feature a Snapdragon 835 chipset with 4GB RAM, a 6″ QHD+ OLED Display.