In just a few days time, the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 will be officially revealed. For the time being, someone at Samsung decided it would be a good idea to post up the new phablet on the company’s official website.

Someone did just that, they posted the unveiled device on Samsung’s official website. Someone was quick enough to snap a photo of it, revealing and confirming the design and some information that we already know for sure. (Note that the Note 8 was taken down shortly after the media started reporting about it)

The image on the company’s website clearly confirms the design we have shown you earlier in previous reports and leaks.

You can clearly see the S-Pen, the infinity/bezelless display. Bixby is also confirmed thanks to the quick features the company states on their website.

The Galaxy Note 8 will be officially revealed on 23 August at Samsung’s official event held in New York.

In case you want to download the official Galaxy Note 8 wallpapers, click here to download them for free!

Samsung has also posted a couple of videos, check them out here:


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