LG will finally release their new ‘Note’ competitor this week, and we have all of the specifications and features you can expect to see in the new LG V30 flagship device.


By now, we all know that the V30 will not have a secondary display, so for this very reason LG will have a few goodies baked into the software. The new feature is called ‘Floating Bar’ and it does what its name suggests. The bar will be semi-transparent and will float on the screen. It will be available on the right, middle-ish side of the screen. You’ll be able to drag it off the display and use it at any time.

You can read more about the LG V30’s user interface, features here.


Specification wise, we are already certain that the V30 will launch with Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 835 chipset on board with 6GB of RAM. There will be 2 variants available upon the launch – the normal V30 and the V30 Plus. Both should be identical, except the Plus version is expected to have a better audio hardware and wireless charging. The storage for the Plus model should also start at 128GB (on-board) while the normal V30 is expected to have 64GB. This storage will of course be expandable via a MicroSD card slot for both variants.

The display is a 6″ OLED Full vision display (the first OLED for an LG flagship device) with QHD resolution. European and US models should have a 3.5mm headphone jack (up on top), USB-C 3.1 on the bottom as well as IP68 dust and waster resistance. Bluetooth 5.0, NFC should also be available.

The fingerprint sensor will not be embedded into the display, since we all know that technology will only be available sometime in Q1 2018. The fingerprint sensor will be located on the back, underneath the cameras. A face recognition software is also going to be available alongside the fingerprint unlocking method, so picking up the device while looking into the camera will instantly unlock the handset without any issues. This goes head-to-head with Samsung’s Iris scanners, though the face unlocking method is less safe in our opinion and perhaps a bit slower than we would like.

The battery is expected to have 3200 mAh capacity with Quick Charge 3.0 on-board, so charging it up should not take very long.


The camera for the V30 is expected to be very similar compared to the G6’s. There will be dual shooters on the back. Both sensors are expected to be 13MP ones, one with OIS f/1.6 and AF, while the other one is a f/2.2 without AF. Also, expect to see the same LED flashes on the back as we have found on the G6.

The camera should have the same normal, wide-angle setup as it was on the V20 or the G6. The lens are expected to be much improved over the previous generation and should have 30% less distortion for wide-angle shots.

The selfie shooter is expected to be an 8MP sensor with f/2.2 1080p.

Latest Leaks

According to the latest leaks, the V30 will have the Quad DAC in place. LG has released a statement regarding the new audio features it intents to equip their devices with. The device should feature a 32-bit Advanced Hi-Fi Quad DAC which will be the first time to see such thing in a smartphone device.

The features (see image below) should be more customiseable and should offer more customisation for the users to pick from.

Using the V30 to listen to music or any other type of audio using high-end, expensive headsets will be more joyful and more enjoyable. Read the full statement from LG here.


A new real life image of the LG V30 has also leaked online just today, confirming everything we have told you above.


Price and colour options

The LG V30 will be officially revealed on 31 August in Berlin and is expected to officially go on sale on 15 September. It should be available in Titan, Silver and in Pink colour options. The price for the normal V30 is expected to be $700 while the ‘Plus’ model should go for as high as $875. Expect it to cost somewhere between £540 or £680 in the UK or €585 or €730 in the Eurozone.

In case you want to download the new LG V30 wallpaper, click here.

What are your thoughts about the new LG V30? Are you looking forward getting your hands on one? Let us know in the comments down below!

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