If you have ever been in a situation when you accidentally deleted or maybe worse, got Photos or Videos on your hard drive corrupted, there is a software tool available for you to recover them to their original quality.

Today, we are going to review Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery tool that is widely used among both businesses and individuals.

Stellar Data Recovery Inc. has contacted us if we would like review their photo recovery tool – and we said Yes, of course. We want to provide reviews of both hardware and software for our readership in order to help you save money, recommend the best quality products/services that is available at the time of writing an article or filming a video.

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Who is Stellar Data Recovery Inc.?

Stellar Data Recovery Inc was founded in 1993 by Sunil Chandna, Manjoj Dhingra and Kuljeet Singh. They have created a leading information technology company that revolutionized the concept of data recovery with a smart and simple user interface, process and services.

It can be found in 3 locations across the world including India, United States and Europe. They have over 2 million PLUS customers across the globe who use at least one of their software and services.

They offer a wide variety of software tools to help their customers recover, repair and overall maintain their important files and documents in a healthy condition, even if something would go wrong at any moment.

What is the Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery?

The Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery tool is the company’s one of the best software available today for both professional and casual users to recover corrupted, accidentally deleted images from any file format and from a wide variety of hard drives.

The tool allows anyone to preview, scan and recover files that are deleted or formatted. You can recover videos, music files and photos with a simple click. It also allows anyone to undo any of the deletion of a file if it was done accidentally.

The software is available for both Windows and Mac users, so picking one up that is compatible with your platform is a no brainier. Unfortunately Linux users are out of luck as the company doesn’t support that particular Operating System.

The Recovery software supports over 100 file types for both platforms and from a wide variety of (camera and other) manufacturers that are used in both business and by average users.

One more thing we find useful to share is that if you have a hard drive or any type of storage device, you can restore and recover audio, video and image files easily while not losing quality.



How to install

Installing the software is no different from any other software application, so we wouldn’t go into much detail on this one. Simply install, select where you want to install it and that’s it, takes no more than 5 minutes.

How does it work?

Let’s say for example: that you have just got back home from a road trip and taken 500 high quality images on your 16GB SD Card.

By the time you plug in the SD card into your PC to check/edit your fresh new images, you notice that the SD card has become corrupted and you can’t see any of your images, or maybe you can but it’s all broken. This is the time when the Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery tool comes in handy.

You simply plug in the SD Card to your Computer and open up the software. In our case, when we plugged in a card or any type of storage device such as a USB stick, the program popped up immediately showing us and asking if we want to scan the storage device.

You can then click on the “Scan” button in order to scan your media device and see your corrupted, deleted images that were/are on your storage.

After the scanning is complete, you can easily click on files to restore the selected or all of the images. Note that the software also allows you to restore audio files and videos.

Here’s how we tested the software:

We have grabbed 1 USB stick (64GB), and 2 average SD cards that are widely used to put extra space into phones. One of the SD cards was working absolutely fine while the other one had corrupted images which were not readable on our smartphone, but was readable on a PC (some images were broken though).

Additionally, we have also tested another SD Card that wasn’t working on both smartphones and on our PC. The SD Card most probably died, even though it was brand new, we’ll tell you more about it down below.

1, USB Stick

We have formatted the USB and cleared everything from it. There was literally nothing left on the device.

When we plugged it in to the PC again, we immediately opened up Stellar’s software to test if we could perhaps recover some images. Surprisingly, all of the files that were formatted earlier have popped up. The device shown us different image file formats, audio and even a few video files.

We were successfully able to recover all of the formatted files.

  • Test Passed.

2, Healthy SD Card

The same procedure was tested as on #1. Everything went well and the software showed us all of the contents that we have removed earlier. Restoring them was simple and *fast too, every file stayed in its original file format and quality. *The restoration time depends on the amount of files you have on your media device and the size of those files.

  • Test Passed.

3, Corrupt SD Card

So, the SD Card was corrupted and wasn’t working on a smartphone, which is needless to say isn’t good if you are someone like me who takes a lot of photos. Upon plugging in the SD card into the laptop, we could see the files, but they were corrupt and many of the images were broken and not shown properly. We have tried Stellar’s software tool which allowed us to recover the photos safely and in their original formats. For some reason, using Stellar’s ‘quick view’ window inside the scanning and file choosing option, we have noticed that some images shown up broken, but when recovered – they looked absolutely fine. We thought it’s worth mentioning.

  • Test Passed.

4. Unrecognisable SD Card (on both PC and Smartphone)

I have purchased an SD card earlier this year to expand the storage on my phone. Unfortunately the card has given up and became unrecognisable after moving about 500 files or about 200mb of data. I have tried my best to get the little fellow back to life, but unfortunately none of the tutorials that I could find online helped me out and I also did not have the receipt for it – remember, always keep your receipt, especially if you have a few years of warranty.

Unfortunately, none of the files could be recovered using the software tool but this wasn’t Stellar’s mistake – the SD card wasn’t even recognisable by both the PC and the smartphone, therefore we couldn’t even start any scanning whatsoever.

  • Could not be tested due to dead storage device.


Overall, we are very impressed with this little photo recovery tool, not only because we were able to restore deleted and formatted files, but also because it could actually be a life saver when restoring corrupted files from any media storage device. Keep in mind that if the storage device (such as SD card, hard drive etc.) is dead and broken, the fact that it may not be recognised on your PC may mean that you will not be able to recover or restore any of the contents that are held on the device. There are plenty tutorials online you can find and try out to save you from this. Always remember to back up your important files frequently!



Things we really liked about Stellar Photo Recovery Tool:

  • Very easy to install, no different than any other software
  • Ease of use and friendly user interface
  • Well detailed, all information is shown even in the scanning process
  • The pop-up feature is very useful when you have the software opened up, running in the background as it could save you from doing a few extra clicks.
  • Restoration and the Recovery process doesn’t take as much as we thought it would, that’s a good plus!

Things we disliked about Stellar Photo Recovery Tool:

  • Scanning may take a bit of time if your storage device holds a lot of files and are in large file sizes
  • As we found out, it’s unable to save you from unrecognisable storage devices – though this isn’t really a bad thing for Stellar’s tool as it’s not advertised that way, we wanted to keep you in mind.

We enjoyed the time we spent with the software and are happy to find a way to recover content safely and in a fast manner. We definitely recommend this software for anyone who is like us, takes a lot of photos and had a few bad experiences by unreliable SD cards and other storage devices in the past.

The software is rated by over 200 customers on the company’s website. We would have given the software a slightly better, 4.5 star rating if we would have had to rate the software service.

The Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery tools costs as low as $49,99; €49,99 or about ~£40. Keep in mind that there are different packages available to suit your needs that will cost you a bit more – but even with the extra price, we still recommend it.

The software is available for both Windows and Mac users in 5 languages.

You can also easily try out the free Trial version that will allow you to see the files that you can recover. Unfortunately you are unable to recover/restore any files with the free version, but at least you can preview what you can recover before purchasing.

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What are your thoughts about the Recovery Tool? Have you tried it before? Share your thoughts, opinions and experiences in the comments section down below!