LG has released a small film a few days ago, showing off the process of making a wallpaper – they have showed us in a video how they created the wallpaper for their next upcoming flagship device.

The video shows us all of the small elements, details and hard work it takes to make such a simple but rather complicated image.

Watch the video below to find out:

Note: We have used the image that can be seen on the video and re-edit it. Once we have the original images, we’ll update this post with the originals – for the time being, we hope you like our edited version. It may not be as sharp and as colourful, but we think it’ll do for those few days.

*UPDATE: The official images are out, scroll further for the download link.

You can download it from our Google Drive, on the link below!

Some of the 20+ wallpapers that you can find in our wallpaper package.

Click here to download the images!