Just a couple days ago we told you everything about that we know about the new and upcoming iPhones which are set to go official on 12 September. We have even showed you how the new iPhone X will compare to older generations of iPhones. Today, we have an article with a lot of details about how all of these will look like, what features they will have and how they will work. Let’s dig deeper.

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So, how do we know so much? Well, Apple has accidentally released the final version of IOS 11 (GM) Gold Master and luckily for us, a few developers were able to download it to their devices, check the source codes and their findings in this article. This is all confirmed and will definitely arrive to your compatible iPhones and the future iPhone 8 devices.


First and foremost, let’s get the naming right. According to the source code, there will be 3 models: the iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and the iPhone X (this will most likely reflect the 10th Anniversary edition)

We haven’t seen many leaks of the iPhone 8 and Plus models, but what we know is that the devices will have a glass back and wireless charging capabilities, find out everything that we can expect of the new iPhones to have. Looking at the picture above, it might also have a larger display just as the LG G6 without a home button. (though take this with a pinch of salt as we do not yet know)

Some more images and renders of the upcoming iPhone X.

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The status bar will change for both the normal iPhones and for the iPhone X with the cutout up on top of the device. Also, the status bar now will have a sleek animation when the phone will be on charge. See images above.

Long live the Home button and TouchID, or the new gesture control. Yes, you read that right, the new iPhone will have a bottom Gesture Bar of which you’ll be able to control the device. The Gesture Bar will likely have a similar implementation of Apple’s ForceTouch features, so you will likely get some haptic feedback depending on what gesture you decide on using. We do not yet fully know how it will work, but so far we do not think that the black rounded bar has the best looks.

To control the whole device, you will have to use swipes and other gestures to get from one place to another.

The Portrait mode will get smarter and enhanced and the camera will have an improved, enhanced User Interface. You will now also get a haptic feedback when taking a photo.

The TouchID is gone, instead the new iPhone will be equipped with extra sensors called FaceID. This will basically scan your face and unlock your phone just by looking at your device. Hopefully, this will be a hard-to- hack by using someone else’s photo of their face.

There will also be some new 3D Emojis (Animojis) that will apparently suit to your head/face’s designs and moods to interact depending on different factors.

Other enhancements, changes:

  • Power button will have functions such as: Hold to trigger Siri, Double tap to bring up ApplePay and more, apparently you will be able to customise a few other features and functions into the on/off power button.
  • Supposedly, you will now be able to talk to Siri just as you can with Google’s Assistant.
  • The TrueTone Display feature is also coming from iPads to iPhones. So depending on what lighting conditions you are having, the display will adapt to your environment and show you the best colours, brightness.

Keep in mind that the iPhone X will supposedly be only available in limited numbers. The new iPhones (8 and 8 Plus) will go on sale on the 15th of September.

Apple Watch

The Apple Watch 3 LTE has been leaked. The crown as you can see has a different colour, but this may differ from different colour variants.

There will be 2 new colour options including the Ceramic Gray and the Blush Gold.

There will be small enhancements made to the internals to work better under pressure but don’t expect to see major changes both to the design and to the hardware, perhaps just a small upgrade and loads of software improvements compared to previous generations. (Older generation of Apple Watches will likely get the same or similar software treatment).

AirPods 2 (upgraded version most likely)

The new generation of AirPods have also been floating around for a few months now.

It seems like the casing will be similar although the battery indicator will now be placed outside of the case to see it in an easier way.

The new AirPods are expected to have a better battery life and some small enhancements compared to the first generation.

All of these leaks come courtesy of the famous YouTuber EverythingApplePro who was kind enough to collect all of these information for us, you can also watch the full video down below.


What are your thoughts about the upcoming iPhone 8, 8 Plus and X models? Are you excited to see these new features? Let us know in the comments down below. Also, don’t forget that we are going to be live blogging the Apple iPhone Announcement on our Twitter page, so make sure you follow us there. Don’t miss out from the news as they happen.

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