Apple has unveiled a bunch of stuff today at their event including the iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and the 10th Anniversary iPhone X. The event also included a lot of improvements and a lot of upgraded software and hardware made to existing lineups – which is what we are going to be covering here.

Apple Watch Series 3


Apple has announced the successor of the Series 2 smartwatch – the Series 3. Apple has also announced that the Apple Watch Series are the most popular and number 1 watch (including original, non-smartwatches) on the market globally. Rolex used to be the number one – just to remind you.

The Apple Watch Series 3 smartwatch looks identical to all previous Apple Watches (it’s also the same size), however this one offers cellular connectivity via an eSim – so it doesn’t take up space inside the watch. What this means is that you will now be able to have your iPhone’s Sim card basically inside your watch and make calls, access the internet without needing an extra Sim card.

The display of the watch is the antenna – sounds impressive if you ask us – and it supports both 4G LTE and 3G.

The watch has Apple’s latest W2 chip that offers 85% better performance for WiFi and other connectivity as well as lower power usage. It’s powered by a dual-core processor that is yet again – 70% faster than the previous generation Apple Watch Series 2.  You can also stream music via Apple Music on the go.

Siri can now also give you feedback, meaning that it can now talk to you when you ask a question.

The watch has new sensors to count and track your fitness activity in a more effective and accurate way.

There are new colour options available including: Gold aluminium and the Black ceramic.

There are also new bands available as well as ‘special styles’ such as the leather band and for sport there’s a Nike branded one.

The Apple Watch Series 3 will be available in 9 markets in its initial phase. It will be available on pre-order from the 15 September and go on sale from 22 September.

There will be 2 models available – One with cellular connectivity and one without. The cellular one will cost $399 while the other one is $329. The Series 1 watch will also stay available and cost $249. The Series 2 has disappeared and will likely not make a comeback.

Also, expect to receive WatchOS4 on 19 September along with the new IOS 11 update.


First off, the new AppleTV and the remote looks nearly the same compared to previous generations. Don’t expect to see a lot of changes.

If you happen to want or have an AppleTV, you might be glad that the new version will now support 4K content as well as HDR 10/Dolby Vision support. The 4K content and the HDR capabilities are already available for Netflix and Amazon’s streaming services for the AppleTV.

That’s not all, all 4K movies in the store will now cost as much as Full HD movies and other content would otherwise – neat! More 4K and HDR content are expected to be available in the future as the library grows thanks to Apple’s partnerships with large movie studios.

A highlighting feature was also on streaming live sports such as football, basketball… – you name it! Apple will also support local content to be shared and consumed on TVs, so that’s a plus too.

The new AppleTV will be powered by Apple’s own A10X Fusion chipset that can be found on the current generation iPad Pros. It has twice as much CPU performance and 4x the GPU performance than previous AppleTVs.

The new AppleTV is expanding to Canada and Australia later this month along with 5 more other countries by the end of this year. The new AppleTV app will also be available for iPhones and iPads to control your device remotely.

The older AppleTV without all of the new 4K and HDR capabilities will cost you $148 for the only model – 32GB.

The AppleTV 4K will be available in 2 storage options: 32GB and 64GB. The 32GB TV will cost $179 while the 64GB version will run you $199.

What are your thoughts about these new/upgraded devices? Share your thoughts in the comments down below!