When Samsung unveiled the Galaxy S8 and S8+ flagship devices, it came as a surprise to see an extra button on the sides. This would not have been a problem, if Samsung would have given a choice to their customers to disable or perhaps, re-map it to other applications.

Though remapping was available via the Play Store, it has never been officially implemented and Samsung found ways to make those remapping applications useless.

All of that might change in just a few weeks time for Galaxy users. Samsung seems to have finally roll out a feature that will let all users disable the dedicated Bixby button. Keep in mind that this will not allow you to set the button for a different applications, but at least it would let you disable it against accidental presses.

Once the Bixby button is disabled, you will still be able to access to AI via the homescreen by swiping to the left or by saying “Hello Bixby”.

The roll out may take a few days/weeks to reach you – so keep that in mind – don’t forget to check your Bixby settings as seen above to see if you’ve already got the update.