According to China Times, HTC shares will be suspended tomorrow for a whole day (21 September). According to them, HTC is currently busy setting up a room with loads of chairs and screens to make their ‘breaking news’ presentation.

For months now, it has been rumored that Google would purchase HTC R&D and other hardware department to make their next generation of ‘Pixel’ devices. This would clearly help the company save more on the long run and be more efficient, as well as work on new innovations.

Fun fact: HTC was the first manufacturer to ever release an Android device to the market, it’s sad to see HTC go down like that.

By Google purchasing HTC’s hardware and other departments, HTC will stay independent from Google. HTC will also keep it’s brand name and other major rights as well as the Vive VR headset that is doing really well on the market.

We have shared our thoughts about this acquisition a few days ago, you might want to read it here.

This will not be the first time for Google to buy an Android manufacturer. Google has purchased Motorola not that long ago and sold it for a fraction of what they have bought it for – later on, as it turned out – Google only purchased Motorola for its patents.

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