Amazon has just shown off their Echo 2nd generation finally. It’s ‘finally’ because it’s been long since we have seen the original Echo released, and it needed a refresh to keep up with the competition in terms of audio and other technology. This is not to say that the first generation isn’t good, but we always appreciate newer tech.

Amazon Echo 2nd generation

The 2nd generation of Echo speaker has a brand new design – a more stylish one in our opinion that suits home better. The new Echo has better speakers (2.5-inch tweeter with Dolby processing for better audio) and better far-field microphone to hear you better from a farther or even noisier room.

Check out the images down below for price and other key information.

You can pre-order the new Amazon Echo 2nd generation from today for $99.99 in the US or £89.99 in the UK. Shipping will start on 31 October both in the US and UK.

If you are looking to buy 2 or 3 Echo devices, don’t forget to reedem the voucher that Amazon includes. Both for US and UK:


ECHO2PACK (not shown, but worth a try)

ECHO3PACK (save $50)


ECHO2PACK (save £25)

ECHO3PACK (save £50)

Amazon Echo Plus

The Amazon Echo Plus is identical to its smaller sibling – Echo 2nd generation. The difference is that the Plus model comes in Silver finish, Black and White colour options. Also, the Plus model includes a smart home hub functionality that lets you connect your IoT devices (smart home appliances). This includes lights, security cameras, thermostat and many other things.

The Echo Plus will cost $149.99 in the US and £139.99 in the UK. Pre-order is already available and it will ship on 31 October in both countries.

If you order now, for a limited time, you will also receive a Philips Hue light bulb with your Echo Plus.

Amazon Echo Spot
The Amazon Echo Spot is a brand new device from Amazon. In terms of design and size, it’s identical to an alarm clock. It has a circular display and works pretty much like the Echo Show. It does everything that the Echo speaker do, but it also offers a real time feedback and information showing up on its screen. It can show you weather information, song lyrics, play video, show video calls and more. It also has a camera built-in, so you could call your friends and family and interact with them and show them yourself.

The Echo Spot will only be available in the US on 19 December for $129.99. UK users will still be able to purchase the Echo Dot or the Echo Show – unfortunately not the Echo Spot – for now.

Amazon Echo Connect

The Amazon Echo Connect does what its name suggests. It connects Echo devices together to work seamlessly together.It can connect your home phone to an Echo device to make calls. When everything is plugged in and connected, you can simply ask Alexa to make a call and the Echo device will connect you straight away to your call.

The Echo Connect will cost $34.99 and will be available on 13 December.

What are your thoughts about these new Amazon Echo products? Are you looking to upgrade to the 2nd generation of Echo speaker or perhaps pick up an Echo Spot? Let us know your thoughts in the comments down below.