Google has a busy day yesterday, unveiling the second generation of Pixel flagship devices along with a bunch of other G. products.

Here are all of the product that were announced in all of them colour variations:

Google Home Mini and Max

As we have told you earlier in recent leaks, the Google Home Mini is everything you’d expect from the original Google Home device, but in a much, much smaller form factor. It’s apparently the same size as a doughnut.

The Google Home Mini will cost $49 and will be available on 19 October in three colours: Red, White and Black.

On the other hand, the Google Home Max is all about music. It has two 4.5″ woofers with high-excursion to boost even the low frequencies. There are also two 0.7″ tweeters. It’s 20x louder than the original Google Home. As you would expect, wherever you place it, it will adapt the sound to the location and items placed around it to provide you the best experience.

It will ultimately do everything that Google Home does, but better. It’ll provide better music experience. The Google Home Max will cost $399 and will come with 1 year of subscription on YouTube Music and YouTube Red.

Google Pixelbook

The new Pixelbook is trying to compete with – again – Apple and ‘cheaper’ but high performance Windows laptops. The Pixelbook comes with ChromeOS and it’s the first laptop to have Google Assistant built-in.

You have options to pick either an Intel i5 or i7 CPUs (likely 7th gen. though not displayed on website). It comes with 16GB of RAM and 512GB of flash storage. A pen can also be added in the package for an extra $99 or £99. It’s pressure sensitive (10 millisecond latency, 60 degree angular awareness and 2000 levels of pressure sensitivity) and does everything you’d expect from a pen to do, it’s also very precise and fast.

The Pixelbook weights only 1.1kg and it’s 10.3mm thin. The display is 12.3″, so it’s very portable. It also has a backlit keyboard built right-in. It has a USB-C port and supports fast charge – according to Google 15minutes of charge will give you 2 hours of use.

The base model of the Pixelbook will cost $999 and the shipments will begin on 31 October.

Google Pixel Buds

Google has joined the Wireless bandwagon by removing the 3.5mm headphone jack from its second generation Pixel devices. The Pixel Buds is trying to compete with Apple’s Airpods in terms of functionality and compatibility.

The earphones can be easily connected with both Android and IOS devices. They also have Google Assistant built-in, so to turn the volume down or perhaps want to translate real time (in 40 different languages), you would only have to ask Google to help out.

On the side of the buds, there is also a touch/gesture control to swipe different sides to change music, activate Google Assistant and more.

It’s really cool in our opinion, but it’s not entirely wireless as there will still be a wire around your neck, though definitely not as long as it would be with wired ear/headphones. The Pixel buds will cost you £159, so in terms of pricing, it’s on pair with Apple’s offering.

Google Clips

Google Clips is a brand new gadget from the big search giant. Clips will use and is built up-on AI. It will decide when to take the best hands free photos possible depending on who, when, what and how are placed in the frame. Assuming that you’re having a family dinner, the Clips will take photos when your family will be smiling or having a good time. It sounds promising and we are curious to find out how it’ll perform in real life scenarios.

To view your taken images and ‘live photos’ like short clips, you’ll have to download the Google Clips app to your device. Nothing will be stored in the cloud or be shared with anyone else – until you do that. The app will be available for both IOS and Android.

Google Clips will retail for $249  and will be available “Coming Soon” according to Google.

Daydream View VR (2017)

The new Daydream View will offer better quality lenses over its predecessor. It will also have better image clarity and a wider field of view. It’s also built from a new-tone fabric and will come in three colour variations including: Fog, Charcoal and Coral.

The new VR headsets will be available “later this year” for the price of $99. ($20+ compared to the last generation of Daydream VR).

Google Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL

We won’t get into much detail about the new Pixel devices as we have covered them yesterday. To read more about it in-detail, visit our article where we have broken down each and every important specification and detail you must know about.

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In a quick and brief summary, that’s all what Google released yesterday. It was a fun and very interesting event.

In case you have missed the event, here’s a shorter version courtesy to TheVerge.

What are your thoughts about the new Google devices? Let us know your thoughts in the comments down below.