The iPhone 8 and 8 Plus has been available and according to some reports, it did not exceed Apple’s expectations for the sales compared to previous generations. The iPhone X on the other hand exceeded somewhat, though sales are going down according to some.

We’re not sure what’s true yet as we are still waiting for Apple to release their Quarterly report. What’s sure is that the iPhone X is a pretty popular smartphone right now due to it’s rather new, 2017-ish approach for the design and new gesture based navigation input.

Just a few days ago, we’ve reported you that Apple will likely release a new iPhone SE, so if you’re into a smaller device, you want to read more about it here.

So, what’s with the not one, not two but three devices? In short, we’re not yet sure, but we can speculate.

kgi iphone x

According to new rumors, Apple will release three iPhone X like devices in 2018. That means that we should expect the very similar bezel-less, notch design, wireless charge and all of the goodies Apple released this year.

What will be different is however the screen sizes and the build quality. There is supposed to be a 6.5″ (likely Plus model) with an OLED display and the same as the iPhone X – 5.8″ device. Both are expected to have a glass back with wireless charging capabilities and devoid the fingerprint sensor and likely have a much improved FaceID.

The third device however is dubbed to have a 6.2″ IPS LCD display with a full metal unibody. That would mean that there would be no wireless charge (since it doesn’t go through metal) and would likely resemble to the iPhone 6-7 series of iPhones. We’re not sure what may be true about this, but it’s interesting for sure. This would likely be a ‘cheaper’ version of iPhone.

As always, take these with a grain of salt, there is still a long way ahead before more believable renders/information starts leaking out. What do think, would three+1 (including the SE) help Apple acquire a larger market share and perhaps sell more devices in 2018 and onward? Let us know in the comments down below.

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