Stellar’s best seller, the Windows Data Recovery tool is perhaps your best choice to recover lost and, or corrupted files from your computer.

The software comes with a bunch of options – which we are going to describe in detail – and also has a slightly more expensive version for those, who may require some extra functionalities that non-advanced users may not always need and require.

Stellar Data Recovery Inc has been around for quiet some time, as we have found out in our Photo Recovery Review that we wrote not that long ago.


Stellar has asked us to review one of their best selling products – their Windows Data Recovery software tool.

Please note that even though this is a sponsored post, my opinions do not affect the overall review of the software – all opinions are my own.

First of, let’s start with the benefits that everyone gets right out of the box upon purchase.

  • It’s not a subscription service, and you will only have to pay for it once. The license is valid for a lifetime which is a rare treasure nowadays!
  • It offers Unlimited Data Recoveries. There are absolutely no limits. Hopefully you will not need to use this often, but in case you do – it’s good to know!
  • 24/5 Free Technical support along with a 30-Day Money Back offer. All of this sounds really good so far and very promising.

What is Windows Data Recovery – Professional?

It’s a software tool that allows you to recover deleted data, documents, partitions, photos and videos from your computer. It can seriously be a life saver if your hard drive is faulty or become corrupted recently.

Luckily, this software can be used by both non-advanced users and Professionals, as the user interface is very clean and easy to understand – even for those who aren’t that experienced with these kind of software tools.

How to install

Installing the software is no different from any other software application, so we wouldn’t go into much detail on this one. Simply install, select where you want to install it and that’s it about it, takes no more than 5 minutes.

How does it work?

In our scenario, we are going to show you a demonstration of recovering an Office Document. The steps you need to take to recover any other files, folders or even whole hard drives is the same as below – we wanted to keep it simple and straight forward – just like the software itself.

Upon first opening up the software, you will have a screen with full of space. This is a nice touch as it makes it incredibly easy to understand and select from the few options. The options you are given will provide you a good glimpse of what you can recover, which will then take you further onto other screens to show you how to perform your data recovery.


As you can see, there are multiple options to choose from. There are a wide range of data types you can recover, namely:

  • All data
  • Office documents
  • Folders
  • Emails
  • Photos, Audio and Videos

This basically includes anything and everything that you could likely use in case your hard drive would become corrupted, or there would be any serious issues with your Operating System – Seeing the email option is also a nice touch for those who need it, though in today’s world most emails are backed in the cloud.

We’ve tested multiple recovery options, but here we’re going to demonstrate the “Office Documents” option. Note that the process is the same for all types of data.

Next up, it’s yet another clear user interface and yet another selection time.


As you can see, the software will automatically identify all of your external and internal drives and give you options to pick either, or if you are having some serious issues – all of the drives to recover them safely.

We have then clicked on the “Scan” button to see what Office files we could recover safely.


When the Scan is complete, it will give you a pop-up window showing you the amount of folders, files that are found on a particular drive, and also show you how much of that data can be restored in Mb. Fortunately, if you were unable to find what you were hoping to find, you can also perform a “Deep Scan” to run a more ‘thorough’ scan and hopefully find and recover that precious file you were originally looking for.


So, what’s left…? Well, now that you’re on the final page, you can see that you can select the folders, files individually and recover them safely. We really like the way the software lays out the whole folder system on your machine – it’s very easily understandable and files are easily identifiable.

Select what you wish to recover and click the button on the bottom right “Recover”.


As a University student myself, it would be really bad losing a document right before the deadline is due. Luckily, the software identified my document, and then all that was left to do from my end is to select the destination where I wanted to save it.

I selected the D drive, assuming that my C could have been corrupted and pressed on the “Start Saving” button.


Though it was only a small file with its 80 Kb of data, we’ve tested the software with files of 100 Mb and it was incredibly fast to recover. We’ve opened it up after completion to make sure that the data is there – and safe and sound – and it looked just like before – when it was actually possible to open them.

It’s kind of funny how easy it is to recover files nowadays – especially with this little tool. If you are someone who has a lot of important and private data on your machine, I would definitely recommend you to get it – it could be a life saver and it could avoid having some headaches, anxious times looking for answers on Google on how to recover your private information safely.

What’s also an amazing feature is that it can also recover Windows 8-10 admin passwords, browser passwords, rescue data from crashed and/or inaccessible systems, take backups of your all/whole hard drives and also recover file types you probably never heard of.

Stellar’s long time presence in this kind of business really stands out among the crowd of other companies – I say this after I have actually used some of their other software to recover some photos.




Overall, the Windows Data Recovery Pro software offers an incredibly clean user interface with no unnecessary steps and options. Upon first opening up the software, it will welcome you with a simple and a pleasant interface that gets your attention straight onto the job it is made for.

Recovering data, especially sensitive and very important ones can make you feel anxious and stressed – but Stellar Phoenix’s beautifully created tool will allow you to avoid all of these with its simple and uncluttered menu, user interface.

No wonder it’s one of their best selling products, it truly is a great product!

There are plenty other similar software tools available on the market that allow to do the same thing, but I personally have not seen one that would make it as simple as this one.

I would strongly recommend everyone to have a copy ready of this Recovery software as you never know when it will be needed – and when it will be, it will definitely recover anything and everything you want to get back onto your system.

Though, so far I could only praise this software, there are a few things I have to take some points away – and that is the fact that the software ditches the Windows 7 users. I understand that Windows 8, 8.1 and 10 are extremely popular and are used on most of the devices in the world, but it is still sad to see that Windows 7 users are unable to take advantage of this great tool.

You might also say that the price £94, $118,80 or EUR 106 is a little too steep, but consider the price you’re paying for a lifetime license that can actually become very useful one day – in case you would need an emergency Recovery. I think that the price is certainly affordable and offers the essentials that every Windows user should and must have.


Bottom line:

If you are a non-advanced or a Professional Windows user, the Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery software is certainly the first software to pick up after purchasing a computer or re-installing Windows. It offers essential features and recovery options that every Windows user must have – in case something would go wrong on your system or hard drives.