Sony Xperia flagships will get 2 years of software updates, according to Sony itself.

Sony has not previously stated the official time frame they plan on supporting their high-end devices, however Sony finally stated the length of time it plans to support their devices.

Sony Xperia flagships will get 2 years of Android Software updates and regular security patches after launch.

Now, this is certainly good news! But where good news are, there must be some bad news too.


Unfortunately mid and low-end devices from Sony will not receive the same treat as their high-end devices do. Mid-range and low-end devices will get a ‘certain’ length of support.

What this means is that when Sony decides to ditch their not high-end devices from the support list, they will not receive any more software updates – it is completely up to Sony when they decide to this and for any reason.

It’s likely that Sony will not provide support for devices that aren’t popular and for those that are simply not compatible or would be having issues (or perhaps would require a lot of resources from the company) with a future update. That’s sad to hear for sure, but if you are someone who knows how to flash, XDA Developers is probably a good place to look out for support from developers and Custom ROMS.

The somewhat good news is that mid; low-end devices will still receive Security Patches. As always, carriers can and will likely release these sometimes early or later than expected.

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