We are living in an age that is technologically explosive. The technology is penetrating in to every aspect of our lives, and the digital devices are evolving at an exponential rate according to a distinguished technology expert Raymond Kurzweil.

According to him, the amount of computing power that was housed in places like a whole parking lot in a facility in the 60’s, you are carrying devices that are more powerful and more sophistically evolved in your pocket in the form of smartphones.

The potential eradicator of humanity according to many great thinkers like Bill Gates and Steven Hawkings can be the machines with the incorporation of Artificial Intelligence (AI). The AI have already found their way in these devices that we carry everywhere in our pockets. They have become a part of every aspect of our everyday life. We take them wherever we go, we eat with them, we sleep with them, and we love them. There had been very few things in the history of humanity that had been so ubiquitous with us other than the clothes that we wear.

The vast array of benefits that we reap from these highly sophisticated mobile devices that appeared on the scene during the last few years, a voice technology that found its way into smartphones has raised quite a few eyebrows.


A mobile phone listens to command from you in plain English and after a certain number of attempts learn your voice patterns, and you can free your hands from punching keys in the smartphone this opens a door to online search and many other functionalities that were not possible or even imaginable in the past.

Once you get used to performing searches and other activity through voice interaction with your smartphone, there had been a number of people who reported that they believe that the type of searches or conversations that they were doing on the net through voice commands started to reveal intriguing patterns. One couple revealed that they started to see the ads related to wedding products and services before they even announced their decision for the wedding.

Another amusing incident occurred when a person was voice chatting about a medicine with his friend and the very next day he started seeing ads about that particular med.

These two occurrences are not the only ones. There had been a significant number of reported occasions when someone’s verbal communication of a particular aspect of online life followed by their smartphone device screen space was found littered with advertisements and commercials of products, services and merchandise aimed at selling them something akin to the communication.

The ads may solve some problem respective to that was discussed with someone or communicated to an AI as a command or any other form of interaction through voice, but it is seen by many as invasion of privacy of the device users.

The evidence is overwhelmingly concrete that the voice inputs from these devices are being used for marketing purposes without the consent or permission of the user. It falls in the vicinity of the user privacy invasion legislations. The smart device user privacy is being breached, and voice data is being gathered and commercially used without their permission.

The technology corporate giants that are stakeholders behind these AI voice technologies like Google, Apple, Microsoft, Instagram and Facebook deny the charges of using any such allegations that involve user privacy through voice data.

These companies throw off by saying that they have included such settings that allow you to turn voice recognition feature off at any time with their product interfaces.

The large enterprises and the technology giants are not the only ones that are experimenting or rather playing with voice and speech recognition technologies, there are a number of technologically brilliant ventures that have come up with voice solutions that are remarkable but there true effects on society is yet to be measured and harnessed.

The rise of the Internet onsets problems that was entirely nonexistent in the past. There is growing number of under eighteen of age kids that are becoming addicted to porn or gambling, getting victimized by cyberbullying or watching violence in one form or another. It seems that the technology is creating some problems for us, but it is very well said that if a technology is causing problems, it also can solve them. To be better informed and guard kids against the devastating effects that the society or the social media and internet as a whole a software company has come up with a software based on related voice technologies. The software is called TheOneSpy with a feature that they called MicBug. It does not solve privacy problems, but if used cleverly, its spying capability can save your child from falling the harm’s way by monitoring your family and the people you care about.

The app quickly downloads within two minutes onto the device that you want to monitor. You get an online dashboard that will allow you to listen to the sounds in the surrounding and make sense of what is going on around your kids by monitoring and taking action. TheOneSpy app is full of useful spying features that can be utilized for many other purposes providing solutions to many problems pertaining to society and its interaction with technologies.