Huawei has unveiled their brand new flagships today in Paris – the new Huawei P20 and P20 Pro. As rumored, a new Porsche Design device also went official at a much higher price and more premium looks.

The Huawei P20 and P20 Pro has a lot in common, but while one of them is smaller to the other – the larger sibling has a lot to go for not only its size, but its extra features too!

Huawei P20 and P20 Pro

Both the Huawei P20 and P20 Pro come with similar specifications, but the Pro (the larger) sibling packs obviously more due to its form factor. They both have the same metal frame with a dual-glass setup however. In terms of power, they are both powered by Huawei’s own Kirin 970 chipset – no changes there.


The P20 has 4GB of RAM and 64GB of expandable storage, while the P20 Pro has 6GB of RAM and packs 128GB of storage – of course it’s expandable via a MicroSD card slot too.

While the P20 has a 5.8 IPS FHD+ display, the P20 Pro finally has a 6.1″ FHD AMOLED display – though we would have like a better resolution at this price range, seeing AMOLED is definitely a great sign for most AMOLED lovers out there.

The camera is where it gets a little different – and when we say little, we mean that the Pro has an extra additional camera, making the total number to three on the rear.

The P20 has a 12MP f/1.6 + 20MP f/1.6 aperture, Hybrid Zoom capable (2x), OIS+AIS sensors on the rear – all of this combined can take some breathtaking images from the samples and tests we’ve seen recently. The P20 however packs even more – it has a 40MP f/1.8 RGB, 8MP f/2.4 telephoto and a 20MP f/1.6 Black & White sensor (with up to 102,400 IOS) with 3x optical zoom, 5x hybrid zoom, OIS+EIS and a lot more. Both devices have the same Leica branded cameras as you’d expect it by now.

DXO mark has already tested both devices: P20 resulting in 102 and the P20 Pro resulting in a 109 score.

Luckily, both devices are capable of shooting 960fps at 720p (just like on the new Galaxies) and they both have a 24MP f/2.0 Leica selfie shooter that allows you to take Portraits and also support 2D Face Unlocking features.

Both devices feature IR blasters, Stereo Speakers, NFC, USB-C and unfortunately Bluetooth 4.2. There is also no 3.5mm headphone jack to be found. Both devices have the fingerprint sensor on the front, underneath the display (not in the display). Also, there’s a much appreciated IP67 certification on both devices against water and dust.

What’s there to be found however is a fast charger inside the box that’ll help you top up your either 3400 mAh (P20) battery or your larger 4000 mAh one. Also, both devices will launch on Android 8.1 and Huawei’s own EMUI 8.1.

Both the P20 and P20 Pro will be available in Twilight (in blue+purple gradient), Black, Blue and in Pink colour options. Unfortunately, don’t expect to see the new Huawei flagships in the US anytime soon, however the P20 will cost about EUR 680 while the P20 Pro will be around 800 EUR.

Huawei Porsche Design Mate RS

Huawei has partnered up with Porsche yet again to make a more premium looking device.


The new Mate RS is absolutely brilliant and beautiful, no matter which way you look at it. The device mainly comes with the same specifications and features as the Huawei P20 Pro, however there are a few differences here and there.

Mainly, it’s the display. It’s a 6″ AMOLED QHD display and it has variants of only 6GB + 256GB or 512GB ROM options. As you’d expect, there’s no SD card slot, but we can’t really complain with a storage that big.

All the camera sensor, functionality and basically everything else stays the same, however that said, there is no IR sensor to be found – small thing to keep in mind if you are interested about that feature.

The device itself looks more premium and a bit more refined, especially with that centered camera setup – at least in our opinion. As you may also notice, there’s a fingerprint sensor on the back, and yet another built-inside the display itself. Yes, you read that right – it has 2 fingerprint sensors.

You can get your very own Huawei Porsche Design Mate RS for €1695 (256GB) or €2095 for the 512GB version one. Sadly though, the red colour variant will be Asia specific – but you’ll be able to pick one up starting 12 April.