Acer 14 ChromeBook Review


The Acer 14 Chromebook is a lightweight, compact and a stylish laptop that’s built for light work use and to keep you up to date in your busy lifestyles – and all of that at an affordable price.

Before we start this review, I think its important to keep in mind and accept the fact that these laptops do indeed have a large market share – mainly in the US – and a lot of potential. I believe that it could one day become a 3rd operating system alongside Windows and MacOS – and the big players all know what and who they are up against – Google.

See, Google has created this Linux based Operating System to first, help students study and allow them to access the internet at an affordable price and an easy-to-use form factor, and since then, even Apple and Microsoft is trying to catch up to what Google has managed to overcome and reach in the past few years. But you’re not here to learn about the past – so let’s get straight into the review.

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The design is fairly minimal and it takes a lot of cues from the Apple’s MacBook Pro lineup – but it’s not all that bad. I appreciate the metal build and the simplistic design – it’s kind of amazing to see how some of these affordable laptops have got a whole lot better build quality and feel over the years. It’s lightweight, compact and very stylish.

Comparing it to the 13” MacBook Pro from 2015 is really surprising, when you compare it side by side. I’ll let you decide if you’re a fan of this sort of similarities – I certainly am, as a customer I get amazing quality that previously could only be found on the higher end of devices.


The hinge flexes a tiny bit, but its rock solid thanks to the metal frame holding it in place. The laptop looks as if you could open it with a single hand, and you can – halfway, so unfortunately you’ll need 2 hands to hold the base down in order to fully open it up.

The keyboard is really easy and comfortable to type on – and its also very quiet. Unfortunately one of my lectures were too tiring, so I decided to write an article…time spent well and I really enjoyed my time with it.


Having the power button not separated but inline with the function keys is frustrating – but you can get used to it very quickly.

I guess that was the easier and logical way to place it to keep similar with the keyboard layout and design.

The mouse pad is plastic and it’s also exceptionally great. It provides a clicky feeling and you can get used to it in no time – if you’ve used a Windows precision equipped laptop or a MacBook before – it’s clearly not as good as on a Mac, but it’s still amazing for its price. It’s worth mentioning that when you click, it’s on the loud side, so while you type very quietly, your clicks will definitely be heard.


There’s a Kensington lock, 2x USB-3.0 ports and a HDMI port on the left side, while the right side contains only the 3.5mm headphone jack and the charging port. I wish Acer would’ve been able to at least fit in a full or a microSD card slot but I assume there wasn’t enough space due to the compact and thin design.

I also would have love to see an Ethernet port, but since the laptop supports gigabit wireless connection – I really can’t complain.


The screen is a 1920 by 1080 IPS LCD display with great viewing angles and decent colour correction. I have not found an issue while using the display and watching YouTube videos and other content – everything was enjoyable. It’s surprising to see a full hd display on such low priced laptop and if you take a look at similar priced windows laptops – you’ll see that most of those devices are only equipped with an HD display.

Unfortunately, there is no touch-compatibility feature to be found, though you can tilt the display up to a 90 degree angle for whatever reason.

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