Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Review – Is it worth it in 2018?



The software part is where this gets interesting. I personally like Samsung’s own custom User Interface, but if I have to pick – I’ll always go for stock Android for its simple and clean UI. Using the Samsung theme engine, you can luckily customise the S7 to your likings and make it look like a stock Android device – or sort of like it. I’ve downloaded a Pixel theme and installed Nova Launcher and never looked back. With its simplistic and clean looks, this is the winner for me – but thanks to Android, you can pretty much customise your device the way you like it – even without root nowadays – giving you more choice and opportunity to have your own design that suits you the most.

The built-in bloatware was disabled and hidden on day one I got the device. I’m sad to see Samsung still loading their devices with a lot of bloat and not allowing us, the users to completely uninstall them – but unfortunately you can’t do much about it. If you start to run out of space, at least you can easily pop-in an SD card and enjoy your new high storage at low prices nowadays.


The S7 edge comes with 12MP rear camera with f/1.7 aperture and OIS, as well as a 5MP Selfie shooter.

Comparing the camera to the S9, the S9 is clearly the newer and better device – but in my opinion the S7 edge is still a very capable one. The S7 Edge has less vivid colours, it’s less smooth and has more soft edges – but overall its still great.

While it might not be as sharp as the new S9, it’s worth mentioning that it’s more than enough to capture moments and take your selfies and other moments on the go and upload them straight to Facebook, twitter and Instagram.

The OIS optimisation is understandably much better on the S9, but the S7 is still pretty good – considering its age.

Where the camera doesn’t shine too well is in low-light situations. The S7 will struggle to focus at times and will produce a lot of noise and soft edges on images, but it’s not too bad. It’ll definitely allow you to capture moments, especially if you are willing to use the Pro mode and perhaps a tripod.

I’ll let you judge the still and the video footage as you will, but in my opinion – the S7 Edge proves itself a worthy device at its price point and functionalities.


So, who is this for? Well, It’s not that hard to tell. It’s for those who want to save money and don’t expect or want to see the latest gimmick and maybe a few useful features on their devices. It’s for those who want to save money but still get the job done on a solid device that still runs fine – even if the battery and the performance may not be up to the latest standards – but still accomplishes everything beautifully.


The S7 Edge performs great under load, but you should expect a few slowdowns here and there. Multitasking is still good and its better than even on some mid-range devices thanks to the powerful Exynos 8890 chipset. The camera and the battery are both great and it can definitely capture your moments and run you for a full day without the need of a charger. For average and moderate users, this will be a great choice – though gamers and power users might need a little juice for a full day of use.

Download the Samsung Galaxy S7 / Edge wallpapers here

If you have a bit more money, I’d recommend to go for the Galaxy S8 or other 2017 flagship devices, but if you only need something that allows you to keep you up to date without spending much, stay with the S7 Edge. If you want the latest software, the S7 is definitely not for you as it will not receive any more major updates from Samsung, maybe not even security patches.

So, here’s what I think. If you currently own the S7 edge, you could look into upgrading to the S8 or other 2017 flagship devices and only spend a little by selling your S7, and putting a little towards a newer device. On the other hand, if you’re happy with your S7 or If you own an older flagship or mid range device and looking to upgrade – you should either keep your or S7 or go for it – you won’t be disappointed and it will be a great and cost effective choice for you.

Share your thoughts and experiences with the Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge down below in the comments. Are you still rocking it? What’s your next upgrade?

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