Google has released the Beta 2, Developer Preview 3 that includes the official SDK and the finalised APIs – this way, developers can finally start working on improving and adapting their applications to work properly with the new Android 9 version – not to mention improving them.

There is a list of changes here that you might want to check out before upgrading your device to the latest DP3 (Developer Preview 3) version.

The Beta 2 should already be available on your compatible devices via an over-the-air update. If you do not yet see it, make sure to go into the Settings and see if you have the update already.

It’s worth noting that so far, only Pixel devices are eligible for this update and other OEM partners should also receive it “in the coming weeks”.

Taking a closer look at Reddit and seeing what the currently enrolled users have so far discovered, we have come up with this list:


Last updated 07/06/2018 – 20:06 (BST) – Refresh page to see changes!

Changes that have so far been discovered:

  • Android P is now officially numbered as version 9 (with API Level 28)
  • Date now appears underneath the time in notification shade
  • Added padding on quick settings icons (more space, cleaner look)
  • Quick settings are now symmetrically centered
  • New page for previously connected Bluetooth devices (only works when Bluetooth is ON)
  • Brightness slider is now logarithmic instead of linear.
  • 5 June Security Patch – Fingerprint sensor is intentionaly slow (on Stable 8.1 too)
  • The icons in the Security settings are now green
  • The ‘Downloads’ application was renamed to ‘Files’ back again
  • You can ‘Quick Reply’ on bundled notifications
  • 157 new emojis were added
  • The gesture navigation has been improved and it’s more stable now
  • Swiping up from the back button now gets you in the overview
  • ‘Clear all’ buttons were added to Recents menu (access it by scrolling to the very left)
  • Biometric API (Devs don’t have to make their own dialog, so safer and quicker access to make payments in the same way, in all apps in future), it now also supports Iris scanning, under-display fingerprint sensors and Face authentication sensors.
  • The Colours menu has got a visual change that shows a default image to help you decide which Natural, Boosted or Saturated option suits you the best
  • Location icon missing from status bar
  • ‘At Glance’ Weather widget shows up on lockscreen and AOD (Pixel 2/XL only – the widget is coloured instead of B&W on AOD)
  • The application closing animation seems to be gone
  • Stock launcher: App drawer is less transparent
  • Stock Pixel launcher can now rotate again when in landscape
  • Vibration is a lot stronger compared to DP2
  • System wide font changes – It was ‘Roboto’ whereas it is now ‘Product Sans’ in many places
  • Lock down button added to long press power on/off button
  • No ‘Wellbeing’ features were added in DP3
  • Charging shouldn’t involve further issues for those that had any
  • Lock screen shortcuts are removed
  • Fingerprint sensor illustration image now uses Google’s colours

9to5Google uploaded some screenshots of their findings that you can view here.

What is and what isn’t working:


  • Magisk seems to work for most
  • DJI GO 4 application crashes and doesn’t work
  • Instagram and Snapchat seem to function normally
  • GBoard can often pop up on screen after unlocking device with fingerprint
  • BlackBerry Works now functions properly
  • Google Pay seems to work for most
  • Custom Navigation Bar app doesn’t seem to work
  • Nova Launcher gestures aren’t fully supported (can swipe up for recents, but not twice for applications)
  • Substatrum both w/root and rootless does not work
  • ‘Quick Reply’ does not work for Hangouts from notification shade
  • Wells Fargo deposit check feature does not work


  • CustomUI tuner seems to be disabled on DP3 (you can get it back via this app)
  • You may have some Bluetooth issues (some people do not experience the same as on DP2 – if you strongly rely on Bluetooth, consider if it’s worth the risk)
  • Android Auto works, but some messages will not be sent and some applications may crash from time to time
  • WiFi should turn on automatically once in range (was broken in DP2)
  • Swiping up on the dock can take multiple attempts
  • ‘At Glance’ Weather widget doesn’t work for everyone on lockscreen
  • Drag and dropping applications from drawer doesn’t seem to work all the time on homescreen
  • When Bluetooth is ON, it doesn’t appear in the statusbar (only when connected)
  • Notification sounds may not work for some

Solutions that seem to have worked for some users:

See the developer post from Google in a more detailed explanation of the new DP3 features.

Enrol to the Beta program with your eligible device, make sure that you know the risks this involves!

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If you would like to add something to this list, feel free to comment under this post or on Reddit – we’ll take a closer look and add it to help other users that consider joining the Beta – or have already enrolled.